“New” Beach : A Lot To Love. And The Back Story On Ball-Playing.

Westporters got their first look at the “new” Compo Beach last Saturday — the most beautiful day of the holiday weekend.

It passed with flying colors.

Residents raved about the new entrance pattern, easing traffic into the beach; the sign by the Minute Man noting that the limit of daily parking permits had been reached; the new lot for daily parkers; the updated pavilion, and enormous new seating area next to Joey’s; the spiffy new bathrooms, and the Mobi-Mat allowing easy access to the water for people with walkers, in wheelchairs or pushing strollers.

There were smiles all around, and grateful praise for the Parks and Recreation Commission.

The new pavilion, near Joey’s by the Shore. (Photo/Carmine Picarello)

The only frowns were on the faces of folks told they could not toss a football or frisbee on the beach.

For decades, rules prohibited those kinds of activities on the sand. In recent years, lifeguards have turned a blind eye.

This weekend however, they were enforced strongly.

(Photo/Anne Bernier)

I asked Parks & Rec chair Charlie Haberstroh for a comment. He said:

These rules are not new. At Parks & Rec Commission meetings during the winter and spring we updated and clarified some of the rules.

It is clear from the fact that it is the Parks and Recreation Commission that all commissioners are in favor of recreation and increased physical activity.  At the same time, we held many meetings on how to improve Compo Beach and deal with the perceived overcrowding evident in 2017.

I hope all residents and non-residents appreciate all the positive changes we made. One change was better enforcement of existing rules and regulations.  We also knew we would have pushback from folks at the beach who were not aware of the rules.

Specifically about throwing a football/frisbee etc. at the beach: After discussion with Parks & Rec director Jen Fava, together we have decided to designate at least 2 areas at Compo — tentatively one in front of the volleyball area, and one on the north end of East Beach for throwing footballs, frisbees and the like.

The department will make the final determination of locations. They will have movable boundaries, depending on how crowded the beach is.  Parks & Rec personnel and the police department officers on duty will continue to educate folks on the rules.

The Commission will review the rules, and the 2018 summer experience, at a fall meeting, and make permanent changes then.  We will continue to tweak things as appropriate and within the rules.

We are committed to making Compo enjoyable to all, within existing rules. If anyone has issues with any aspect of the Compo Beach, please contact me at haberstroh.prc@gmail.com, or text or call me at 203-515-2064.


7 responses to ““New” Beach : A Lot To Love. And The Back Story On Ball-Playing.

  1. Joshua Lander

    Thank you for the article Dan. Previously, the rules were ambiguous as some signs prohibited any play and others stated “ball playing at lifeguard discretion”. According to P&R minutes in December, there was a recommendation from the Public to allow play on the sand. I assume this was “overruled”.
    Regardless, at minimum, a parent should be allowed to play catch with their child at the beach if they so choose. It appears a compromise is being discussed which is welcomed.

  2. Barbara Wanamaker

    Great job so far!! If only our voices had been heard BEFORE the Town spent $50,000 on a useless plan. Congratulations to Jen Fava and Charles Haberstroh for their hard work and oversight of the ongoing projects. So nice to see the rules enforced. Thank you!

  3. Kelley Spearen

    Wow is looks just Wonderful . Thank you for the update Dan

  4. Kathryn Sirico

    The beach is not a ballpark. There are places to throw a frisbee , play catch, throw a football but the sandy beach it’s not the area that’s why it’s called a beach and not a ball field

  5. Bart Shuldman

    Thank you Charlie. Great job. There ample parking spaces and BBQ grills and the change to the entrance successful. Thank you and thank the team!! When BBQing saturday night we asked for an additional garbage can as we had over 40 attend the party. The guys working that side of the beach responded quickly and gave us extra large garbage bags too. Wonderful and please let them know we really appreciated their help.

  6. James Goodenough

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  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Looks great!

    (sniff … I miss Compo. Guess I better figure out a way to move back to my hometown, lol!)