Love Has A Home Here

Like many of us, Bill Donaldson is appalled — and saddened — by today’s toxic political environment.

But as he drove to his Post Road office last October, the financial consultant was struck by the lawn signs throughout town that were “anti-hate.” He noticed a bumper sticker that said “Resist hate.”

Then he spotted a big banner on the Saugatuck River bridge. Big letters proclaimed “hate.” In smaller type, it said that hate doesn’t work.

“This is noble — and not effective,” Donaldson thought to himself. “No one wants hate. But saying the word just keeps the negative emotion going.”

Why not use a phrase like “Love has a home here,” he wondered.

He searched online, to see if the words were already in use. They were not. The URL was available too.

Soon, Donaldson formed a non-profit. He created a board of directors. A New Jersey firm designed a logo, pro bono. A Kickstarter campaign brought in enough funds to order products: t-shirts, tote bags, car magnets and the like. All proclaim: Love Has a Home Here.

Bill Donaldson, with “Love Has a Home Here” gear.

Proceeds will support like-minded programs and organizations. (I was about to write “anti-hate” programs. My bad.) The first is Possibilities Farm, an equine therapy group in Wilton.

A launch event is set for Friday, May 11 (7 p.m., Westport Woman’s Club). The public is invited to enjoy live music, food, wine, beer — plus Love Has a Home Here merchandise, and one of those Wilton horses.

“It will be a fun night — a love-fest,” Donaldson promises.

7 responses to “Love Has A Home Here

  1. Margaret Moffitt Rahe

    Love has a home here is so much more of a positive slogan! I totally agree and want to attend your launching of the merchandise and the slogan!
    Who needs lawn sign with the negative word of HATE … it is a total downer!
    Thank you for being positive!

  2. Julie Shapiro

    Love this however, even though I dislike the word hate, I want to remind people that there is plenty of hate in the country right now – people that hate people of color, immigrants, LGBT people, etc; I like the idea of promoting love but let’s also remember “Hate has no home here”

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  3. As usual, Bill has his heart in the right place. Thanks Bill!

    • Bill, thank-You for all your love and support of the Westport Community as well as the greater Fairfield County, the country and ultimately the world. This is a wonderful initiative for fostering a better world for our children and our children’s children. Love starts with each one of us. Love lives here. Love has a home here. Love all, serve all.
      Hi, Michael!

  4. Kerstin Rao

    I brought the ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ sign initiative to our area last summer and I applaud all efforts to build caring communities. My experience with the HHNHH sign began when I was visiting family in Evanston and saw these signs in many lawns. This was during the first ‘Muslim travel ban,’ and seeing people declare their position publicly moved my heart. The slogan was invented by elementary school children, and no fundraising is connected to this initiative so it remains non-political. You just pay $5 for the sign, put it in your yard, and make your statement. Some folks wrote to me that the word ‘hate’ bothered them – I can understand that. In my opinion, though, the HHNHH sign directly counters the rise of bias, prejudice and violence by calling it out specifically. The bottom line – our actions speak louder than our words. Thank you for starting your initiative!

  5. Mary Jennings

    Both messages works for me. Hope all can make the event at the Women’s Club on Friday. Such a worthy cause!