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Love Has A Home Here

Like many of us, Bill Donaldson is appalled — and saddened — by today’s toxic political environment.

But as he drove to his Post Road office last October, the financial consultant was struck by the lawn signs throughout town that were “anti-hate.” He noticed a bumper sticker that said “Resist hate.”

Then he spotted a big banner on the Saugatuck River bridge. Big letters proclaimed “hate.” In smaller type, it said that hate doesn’t work.

“This is noble — and not effective,” Donaldson thought to himself. “No one wants hate. But saying the word just keeps the negative emotion going.”

Why not use a phrase like “Love has a home here,” he wondered.

He searched online, to see if the words were already in use. They were not. The URL was available too.

Soon, Donaldson formed a non-profit. He created a board of directors. A New Jersey firm designed a logo, pro bono. A Kickstarter campaign brought in enough funds to order products: t-shirts, tote bags, car magnets and the like. All proclaim: Love Has a Home Here.

Bill Donaldson, with “Love Has a Home Here” gear.

Proceeds will support like-minded programs and organizations. (I was about to write “anti-hate” programs. My bad.) The first is Possibilities Farm, an equine therapy group in Wilton.

A launch event is set for Friday, May 11 (7 p.m., Westport Woman’s Club). The public is invited to enjoy live music, food, wine, beer — plus Love Has a Home Here merchandise, and one of those Wilton horses.

“It will be a fun night — a love-fest,” Donaldson promises.