Lincoln Street Nears Historic District Designation

Last night, Westport’s Historic District Commission unanimously supported the creation of a new historic district. Comprising 13 houses on Lincoln Street and 4 on Riverside Avenue — all built between the 1850s and 1930s — the designation could help the town in court, should it oppose a plan for an 81-unit housing development proposed for the area.

Lincoln Street connects Post Road West and Riverside. It is near Kings Highway and Saugatuck Elementary Schools, and Assumption Church.

Here — thanks to alert “06880” reader Tina Torraco — is a glimpse of that historic neighborhood.

16 responses to “Lincoln Street Nears Historic District Designation

  1. Michael Calise

    Thanks for this post Dan. The west side of town has more Historic Homes and Neighborhoods than any other area of Westport. Suddenly it is under siege and unless we all stand together to resist and stop this proposed onslaught it will grow out of hand to the detriment of our entire community.
    We will be impacted everywhere from schools, recreation and open space to our vital services such as Health, Police and Fire Protection. For us on the West Side it is too close for comfort but for all Westporters it is in your face big time and the entire Town’s support is desperately needed.

  2. Deja vu all over again.

  3. Morley Boyd

    This is welcome news. In many ways, Lincoln Street, together with Riverside, easily outclasses our existing local historic districts in terms of integrity. That in itself is remarkable and it likely speaks to the passion of this particular community for the things that it values most. These are exactly the kinds of sustainable, walkable, mature neighborhoods that we should be conserving. Now more than ever.

  4. Rod Hurtuk

    Thanks, Dan, for the post, and Mike, for the comment. While I haven’t had any interest in a Westport property in 17 years, which was when my mother sold her house on Imperial, and which was then taken down, I have participated in the Historic District Commission in my current CT town, and have watched with dismay the loss of Westport history and the tear downs of federal and colonial and significant houses without pause. I hope the Commission can succeed in its position and designation for the Town’s best benefit.

  5. Joyce Barnhart

    The houses shown reflect loving care from their owners and it is “a good thing”, to quote a former Westporter, that the area will receive a historic designation, whether or not it helps to thwart that 81-unit development. I hope it will help. The many problems created by such dense housing will be a nightmare for that whole area.

  6. Stephanie Bass

    “…they paved paradise and put up a parking lot…”

    Joni Mitchell

    (This phrase ran thru my mind as I read your post. Forgot how great this song was — and is. Almost 50 years later, it is even more relevant.
    BTW, looked up origin info as I know you have a very picky following, Dan.)

  7. John Krause

    I was born in the house at 1 Lincoln. It’s seen some changes since Grand Dad owned it. Including a fire and re-build after Uncle Bill has sold it and moved on. But the general character remains. SO pleased they restored the Sun Room, even.

  8. Jeanette Bailey

    This is great news. I’m surprised this neighborhood is not a historic district already. There is so much local history in each of these beautiful homes. This history is passed on to future generations thanks to the owners of these homes and the dedication of the historic commission. It is not an easy job being the owners/stewards of these antique homes- they take a lot of work and the entire community benefits from it.

  9. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    This is wonderful news.

  10. Amy Schneider

    This is great news. I was surprised that it wasn’t a historic site already, like Jeanette mentioned. Speaking of the of the proposed development, I can not see how the new project can be safe. Many children walk to the several schools in the area. The police staff is cut every year and how will they enforce the one-way exit? I hope a fire safety study is done soon. In my opinion, a fire in a structure this large, even if fire trucks could access it, would necessitate the entire platoon on duty (many of them new firefighters just out of the academy), neighboring towns’ firefighters, and off-duty firefighters who live far from town. It’s too big a risk for the firefighters, the residents in the building, and nearby residents.

  11. Matt Bannon

    Great news for sure and Wow, seems like 100% are in agreement that this was the right decision!!! Very rare now days

    Must be the beautiful weather!!

  12. Daryl Styner, D.D.S.

    What’s happening at Lincoln Street, is not just about that specific neighborhood, but what could be happening in all our neighborhoods. This is a fight for all Westporters. This invasive development could be in the middle of any if our neighborhoods next. Our commitment to preserving the type of “neighborhood feeling” that presently exists around town is our resonsibility to fight for. If Westporters don’t do it, no one else is going to do it for us. So we each must give our support any way we can.

    • Nancy Wilson

      Beyond “support” try educating yourselves by attending every single Municipal meeting.
      Otherwise, don’t complain.

  13. Bruce Erickson

    My mother lived in one of these large nice looking houses when she was a little girl. My grand parents rented it for $17 dollars a month.

  14. Rima Demarais

    This will be a wonderful historic district!

  15. Carolanne Curry

    The reality here is the history that’s been affirmed.
    And that’s a benefit… all of us in Westport.