Photo Challenge #174

Bedford Square has changed the way Westporters use downtown.

Its courtyard, stairways and several entrances and exits provide shortcuts between Church Lane, Main Street and Elm Street. It’s taken a while, but many folks now zip into, through and out of the handsome retail/restaurant/ residential complex that replaced the YMCA.

As work continues on the adjacent property — the old Bobby Q’s restaurant — a once-hidden alley has been exposed to the public. Now everyone can see the graffiti there.

Eileen Lavigne Flug, Arnie Rusoff, Jeff Giannone, James Weisz, Lawrence J. Zlatkin, Bob Weingarten, Ben Pool, Michelle Saunders, Chris Buckley, Breno Donatti, Andrew Colabella, Ralph Balducci, Michael Calise, John Moran, Suzanne Ford, Sal Liccione and Alison Patton all quickly identified last week’s photo challenge — a photo of “Stop War” graffiti — as that alley. (Click here to see Betsy P. Kahn’s image.)

Can our alert readers be so quick with this week’s challenge?

We’ll see. If you know where in Westport you’d spot this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)

13 responses to “Photo Challenge #174

  1. Michael Calise

    Bigfoot and offspring -has to be the back of Winslow Park facing Evergreen Avenue

  2. Hailey Nusbaum

    That’s on Clapboard Hill between Morningside and Turkey Hill.

  3. Hailey is right.

  4. Eva López Reyman

    Winslow Park

  5. Elaine Marino

    Hailey nailed it!

  6. Wendy Cusick

    Hailey is correct. Clapboard Hill Rd. Behind this old tall stump is the former family animal farm the address is on Morningside Drive. The farm property I believe is 12 acres (?)Turkey Hill, Clapboard Hill and Morningside. I would see from time to time for sale signs for the large acreage on all corners ‘serious inquires only’.

  7. Wasn’t–or isn’t–this property part of the farm owned by the Kowalsky family? They only sold off one corner lot, by Morningside, right? The rest is still open land?

  8. Andrew Colabella

    Clapboard Hill Kowalsky Field!

  9. All who guessed the Kowalsky property on Clapboard Hill are correct. One of the last open spaces in Westport!

    • Dan, I didn’t recognize it. But once Hailey and Wendy gave more specifics, I was simply wondering if it was part of the Kowalsky property and also if the family still owned it.

  10. Judith Brown

    Clapboard hill by Kowalski’s fields

  11. Shirlee Gordon

    Turkey Hill where the big open space
    is. Nyla farms