Photo Challenge #173

What a difference a comma makes.

Vanessa Bradford’s answer to last week’s photo challenge was: “Mansion Clam House dummy.”*

No, she was not referring to me. She was correctly identifying the subject of Peter Barlow’s photo: the jolly fisherman who for decades sat on the back roof of that popular Saugatuck restaurant. (Now it’s Parker Mansion — and the mannequin is gone.)

She was not the only one who quickly remembered the yellow-slicker clad guy. Others were Fred Cantor, Audrey Hertzel, Molly Alger, Michael Mombello, Andrew Colabella, Dan Herman, Jeff Giannone, Shirlee Gordon, Seth Braunstein, Fred Rubin, Elayne Landau, Diane Silfen, Jana Moorman, Michael Calise, Jacques Voris, Susan Feliciano, Bobbie Herman, Jamie Roth, Ken Palumbo and Amelie Babkie. (Click here for the photo.)

This week’s photo challenge might be harder. Then again, “06880” readers have their eyes open all over town. As always, if you know where in Westport you’d see this scene, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

*The most famous example of the importance of commas: “Lets eat Grandma.”

28 responses to “Photo Challenge #173

  1. Eileen Lavigne Flug

    Bedford Square passageway from Main Street.

  2. The alley from Main Street to the courtyard of Bedford Place

  3. Old back entrance to Y

  4. In the ally off of main street to enter courtyard of old Y and enter Amis restaurant

  5. Lawrence J Zlatkin

    It’s the walkway behind Bedford Square.

  6. Bedford Square alley

  7. The alley in Bedford Square

  8. Definitely the walkway behind the old Y and Cafe Amis.

  9. The corridor at Bedford Square between Main St and Amis.

  10. Inside Bedford square

  11. Barbara Sherburne '67

    And of course that would be “Let’s eat Grandma,” not “Lets eat Grandma.”

  12. Andrew Colabella

    Right behind LF going towards Bedford Square

  13. Ralph Balducci

    Back area of Bedford Square.

  14. Michael Calise

    old back alley to Y building

  15. Bedford Square off Main and leads to court yard

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  16. Still looks like Aleppo ( photo challenge 1/17)

  17. Is that in the walkway between Main Street and the new “square” (Bedford Square ??) behind Amis restaurant @ the old fire house??

  18. Yes – you are all correct. It’s the Bedford Square alley, next to the construction of the old Bobby Q’s!

  19. In back off bedford square going to main st

  20. If only we could.

  21. I walked back there on sat for the first time and was literally taken aback and wondered for a second, “where am I?”

  22. Robin Ferrara Singer

    The brick pavilion at the beach

  23. In the alley behind Anthropologie.

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