Photo Challenge #172

It’s been a while.

But last week’s photo challenge stumped even long-time experts/frequent winners Michael Calise, Fred Cantor and Jacques Voris.

For years, Barbara Sherburne has owned a watercolor by Mitchell Hager. She brought it with her when she moved from Westport. It made a great challenge.

The illustration showed a home and barn on Long Lots Road, a couple of houses down east of North Avenue. (Click here to see.)

Everyone is right: It looks like it could be on Morningside Drive, Cross Highway or North Avenue. After many hours, Cheryl McKenna came up with the old Adams house on the corner of Long Lots and North Avenue (later owned and, famously, renovated by Martha Stewart).

That was close enough. The watercolor showed the property next door.

The house still stands, on Long Lots. The barn, though, is gone.

This week’s photo challenge shows not a place, but a guy. If he’s familiar, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Peter Barlow)

29 responses to “Photo Challenge #172

  1. On top of old Mansion Rest.

  2. Top of Mansion Clam ( now Parker)

  3. Michael Mombello

    The fisherman that sat on the back porch or back roof of the Mansion Clam House – now Parker.

  4. Inside the Blackduck?

  5. Andrew Colabella


  6. mannequin at Mansion Clam House

  7. Vanessa Bradford

    Mansion clam house dummy

  8. Peter Barlow

    He looks familiar but the photo does not. It’s credited to me but I don’t remember it unless it’s a portion of a larger view.

  9. Jeff Giannone

    Too easy!

  10. Shirlee Gordon

    The jolly fisherman was on the roof of the restaurant that is now Parkers

  11. Seth Braunstein

    This used to be on the roof of the old mansion clam house

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  12. The mannequin that was sitting on the balcony at the old Mansion Clam House

  13. He needs to come BACK!!

  14. Elayne Landau

    He’s the guy on the roof at the ol’ Mansion Clam House?

  15. Diane Silfen

    On the Mansion roof for years

  16. Jana Moorman

    On the roof of Mansion Clam House??

  17. Michael Calise

    Fisherman Mannequin on roof of the Mansion Clamhouse

  18. Jacques Voris

    I agree with the crowd, the dummy that sat atop the mansion clam house

  19. I miss him. I know the Parker now imbues a different vibe but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tip your hat to the fisherman whose watch over the Saugatuck was perennial? It’d be good PR because it’d be good for the community: a Saugatuck staple while so many other aspects of it changes.

  20. bobbieherman

    The fisherman who sat on the back roof of the Mansion Clam House. When they converted it into Parker Mansion, the new owners said he would resume his old place, but so far he hasn’t.

  21. Hi Dan!

    Is he from atop the mansion clam house?

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!!
    Jamie Roth

  22. I agree with Nancy!!!

  23. Yes — you are all correct (except for the one reader who thought it was inside the Black Duck). It’s the fisherman mannequin/dummy who long lounged on the back roof of the Mansion Clam House. He was quite a guy.

  24. The always friendly Parker Mansion fisherman of course!

  25. Amelie Babkie

    He’s the fisherman, who was perched on the roof of the Mansion Clam House.