Westport Neighbors Unite

A group of Westporters is serious about blocking an 81-unit housing development, proposed for Post Road West between Cross Street and Riverside Avenue.

They’ve organized. They’ve held meetings, and spoken at public sessions. They’ve ordered yard signs.

Now they’ve got a website.

Westport Neighbors United’s message is direct. On the home page, they warn: “81-Unit Industrial Scale Apartment Complex with 146 Car Parking Deck Planned for this Turn-of-the-Century Neighborhood.”

They cite potential problems: traffic congestion, problematic police and fire access, “unavoidable” water runoff and environment issues, destruction of a historic “gateway” to town, and pedestrian safety for nearby schools, churches and childcare centers.

There’s a link to project details, a request for donations, and information on upcoming meetings (up next: Historic District Commission, May 8, 7 p.m., Town Hall Room 201).

But most effective may be a rendering. Juxtaposing photos of 2 old homes on Riverside with an artist’s interpretation of the housing behind, it dominates the website:

(Click here for the Westport Neighbors United website. Click here for their Facebook page.)

8 responses to “Westport Neighbors Unite

  1. If pneumonia was zoning application, this is what it would look like; lurid and nauseating.

  2. Nancy Wilson

    Just plant some trees and gardens.

  3. Bart Shuldman

    From one neighborhood to another you fight 8-30g housing. Yet many will be built unless you can change the law. Westport already meets the 8-30g housing, but the town cannot count in affordable housing built before 1990.

    You would think our State Rep Steinberg would fight for Westport. WRONG!! He has told us all that more 8-30g housing needs to be built and built quicker.

    Just maybe, maybe, Westport will vote for a different person to represent us in Hartford. If not, we get what we deserve.

    We get what we deserve.

  4. Madeleine Frank

    Greedy developers, lawyers, construction firms intent on serving their own profits with no environmental or aesthetic concerns. A pox on all their houses!!!

  5. Tina Torraco

    Kudos to Westport Neighbors United! This Developer is a plague to Westport, not only does his proposed project stand to ruin this small Historic area with safety issues and traffic hazards but if his wrecking ball falls
    it will demolish FOUR historic homes on Lincoln Street. LETS GO WESTPORT let’s get behind Westport Neighbors United. I can’t remember such an assault on a neighborhood in our town such as this . This is not just about building an apartment complex, it’s about gutting a neighborhood and a piece of Westport history.

  6. The developer’s name is Russell Bernard -Westport Capital Partners.
    He lives in Westport- obviously on another side of town and cares more for the buck than the good of the town.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Kiri-if he did not do the project then someone else would. You have to stop the ABILITY.

      When will Westport wake up?