Easter Bunny Brings Dog Ban

The signs — and the law — are clear: From April 1 to October 1, dogs are not allowed on Compo Beach. 

Or Old Mill, or Burying Hill.

As usual, some Westporters think the rules are merely “suggestions.” An alert “06880” reader writes:

I’m a lifelong Westporter.

My greatest pleasure throughout the years has been to go to the town beaches with family and friends. We visit with one another, swim, walk, and enjoy the sun and fresh air.

We do it every day from May to mid-October, when the water gets too cold to swim. There is nothing better.

Except that a number of dogs show up with their owners after April 1 — despite town laws that dogs are not allowed until October 1.

(Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

I know. You’re surprised that people would be so willing to ignore the signs telling them to “hold it” until the leaves start to turn.

You can’t blame the dogs. They go where they are led. It’s those pesky owners who chomp at the bit to let their “rovers” run free.

We have dogs too. We’ve had them for years.

But we respect the fact that rules are rules. There is a good reason for them — particularly in this instance.

So we don’t bring our dogs to the beach when it’s not allowed. That would be rude and selfish. It would be all about what I (and my loyal friend) would want, disregarding the rules and preference of those who use the beach for all those fun activities I mentioned above.

I’m a little “ruff”led by this lack of courtesy to those of us who want to enjoy a clean beach.

And I’m tired of nicely asking those with dogs to refrain from visiting the town beaches until the calendar turns.

These dogs were legal. The photo was taken on October 11.

If you agree, how do we get the Westport police or dog warden to enforce this quality of life issue. It seems so small, particularly these days, but is really so emblematic of the “me first” mentality that seems to have pattered its way into Westport life?

It’s the small things that often make a difference in the day.

Now how about those speeding cars?

What do you all think?

20 responses to “Easter Bunny Brings Dog Ban

  1. This is the same Westport where people park pretty much anywhere, and any way, they please, right? Need the fines to be extreme, and escalate for multiple offenses, and No Exceptions.

    And then, harder, more monitoring…

  2. The law is the law and I get it, Westport offers free disposable bags at parks and people still don’t pick up after their dogs. It baffles my mind. That being said, it would be nice if there was a small designated water spot for dogs in town #firstworldproblems

  3. Arline Gertzoff

    Some think it is only Compo.I have seen dogs all summer at Burying Hill.Also people try to walk in with dogs or come across from nearby properties .I love dogs .There are other places for your dog to enjoy .

  4. Richard Fogel


  5. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    I’ve seen many people park in Handicap Parking Only who are not visually handicapped. They think their above the LAW.
    A quoit from James Q. Wilson “Public order is a fragile thing, and if you don’t fix the first broken window, soon all the windows will be broken.”
    I personally see this happening more and more in AMERICA
    Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

  6. What do I think? I think it shows the modern concept of “Me First, Screw You,” found not only in Westport, but everywhere I seem to go. Good manners, respect for and consideration of others, and obeying rules seem to be dead and buried. I was taught those things, but that was a long time ago and apparently no one cares any more.

  7. Mary Maynard

    I think they should all go to Winslow Park for the summer. A lot of acreage is dedicated to the Dog there. mmm

  8. Jalna Jaeger

    How many times have you been somewhere where dogs are supposed to be on a leash, and are not? Dog owners need to learn to read and obey the rules.

  9. Chip Stephens SHS '73

    OK enough of the nastiness !!!!!!!!!
    Here are the alternatives for a dog walk or swim 24 x 7 x 365
    1. The parking lot behind the golf shack at longshore, go to the riverside and take pooch out by the old cement pier
    2. Under I 95 at the Saugatuck boat launch, great swim place on hot day
    3 Go down Clinton Ave to Ford Road there are 3 or 4 open accesses Saugatuck river
    4. Beside the Winslow Park walk there is the park on Glendening by Bridgewater, The park back off Green Acre Lane, and at low tide the entrance to the beach at the beginning of the Old Mill Beach closest to compo gives access to the sand flats off old mill.
    AND BEST OF ALL the beach north of the North Jetty on Compo Beach is a free swim for all fidos , you can not enter on Compo Beach but simply walk up the road till you can enter after the last Jetty (Fiona’s Beach)
    Have fun, pick up any poop and smile and nod at all those looking at you and your dog having fun legally all year

  10. I wish we (Dog runners) had just oneeeee more month; noones picnicking til May..
    tip–You can also let them roam at Low Tide on “Fionas Disapperaing Island” which is a little spit of land past the jetty at end of Soundview dr–(schalets Pointe)… Dogs can go there All Year Round and it is BEAUTIFUL!

  11. Richard Fogel

    this is a dogma

  12. Werner Liepolt

    Not liking your posting of the picture of the most common dog attack: big dog on small dog. I imagine any small dog owner whose dog has been attacked has a visceral reaction to the evidence of a large dog owner failing to exercise control, too. The photo depicts an attack not play.

  13. Richard Fogel

    keeps coming back to a dogma