Pic Of The Day #346

Rev. Alison Patton spotted this object this morning, on her daily walk. If you know what it is — or why it’s there — click “Comments” below. (Photo/Alison Patton)

18 responses to “Pic Of The Day #346

  1. Nicole Klein

    Advertisement for the Makers Faire taking place on on Saturday April 21st?

  2. Jens Buettner

    It’s a Westport citizen absorber who sucks in all the people who think Compo Beach is only for entitled people.

  3. Obviously- a travel-sized fusion reactor that powered Doc Brown’s Delorean.

    • Flux capacitor

      • Hi Iain

        The flux capacitor was the upgraded engine that ran on banana peels and assorted garbage. The original fusion reactor was never used and appears to have been left on the streets of Westport. Or could it be a piece of plumbing art left by someone with lots of spare parts and some extra time on their hands!

  4. Robert Bernard

    It’s a Valve Fratus. I haven’t seen one of those since 1965.
    Bob Bernard

  5. Harris Strizever

    Back flow preventer

  6. Mary Ann Batsell

    I’m betting it has to do with Aquarion installing
    A new water line on Myrtle Avenue. Work to begin momentarily .

  7. I agree with Mary — Aquarion is getting ready to do water main work in that area. We should be prepared for brown water starting next week. (Not complaining, just giving people a heads up.)

  8. Michael Calise

    Is it TAXABLE?

  9. Bill Boyd (Staples '66)

    I heard Madonna was in town…I’m guessing this is part of her hygiene routine that feel out of her suitcase.

  10. Stacy Prince

    Very sculptural. Found art?

  11. Having just gone through the installation of new water piping in the northern part of town (took over four months), and there is about to be another one along Myrtle Ave. to Post Road starting April 1, I recognize this fixture as something that will be part of that project. This will be done for Aquarion. One hundred feet was accomplished each day with hook-ups to houses along the way. It’s done and we are now awaiting repaving from Cavalry Rd. through a Crooked Mile ending at Newtown Tpke. and Wilton Rd.

  12. Alison Patton

    Thanks, everyone! I feel much more informed. Although I was hoping it might be alien tech…

  13. Michael Boyd

    I was hoping it would be a flux capacitor. However, from my career in construction, I’d say it’s a water meter with a backflow preventer.

  14. Nah. Birdhouse for next Project Return benefit.