Egg-citing News For Hard-Boiled Cooks

It’s almost Easter. Time to buy the chocolate, bake the ham, boil the eggs.

Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan can’t help with the first 2 tasks. But if making easy-to-peel eggs makes your blood boil, they hop to your rescue.

The women are the brains behind the Negg. It’s “the world’s greatest egg peeler.”

That’s not me or an infomercial talking. The Negg has been praised by the New York Times and the “Today Show” — along with egg-makers everywhere.

And it was hatched right here in Westport.

Sheila Torgan and Bonnie Tyler.

Bonnie and Sheila are longtime business partners. Past projects include web design.

That’s cool. But solving one of life’s most difficult puzzles — how to make an easy-to-peel egg — can be life-changing.

The women had a great idea: Put an egg in a peeler with water, then shake it so the peel comes off. Easy as pie.

But they had to create a model. Peeling an egg is hardly high-tech. Still, Bonnie and Sheila needed a technological tool.

They found it at the Westport Library.

The Maker Space — with its computers and 3D printer — is the perfect place to turn concepts into reality.

The Negg!

Library manager of experiential learning Alex Giannini guided the women through many prototypes. Finally, they found one that worked.

From there they produced a patent-pending mold.

Since then, they’ve sold over a quarter of a million Neggs. They’re available through Amazon, HSN, Wayfair, other outlets — and of course on their website.

Sheila and Bonnie may be the hard-boiled egg queens of the world. But they haven’t forgotten their roots.

They’ve given back to the Westport Library by speaking on a crowd-sourcing panel. They hoped to inspire other entrepreneurs to fulfill their dream.

All you need is an idea.

Though a Westport Library 3D printer certainly helps.

(For more information on the Negg, click here. Hat tips: Betsy Pollak and Deirdre Foote.)

9 responses to “Egg-citing News For Hard-Boiled Cooks

  1. Bobbie Herman

    This is gibberish.


  2. Richard Fogel

    im egg static about this,egg cited

  3. $17.99 really?

  4. There are plenty of tools out there that some people find helpful or even essential while others find them unnecessary. I don’t use an egg separator to separate yolks from whites because God put an egg separator at the end of each of my arms. Likewise an egg peeler. But lots of folks use egg separators and lots will find this tool handy and convenient. There are many sillier ways to spend a lot more money in the kitchen! Kudos to these ladies for finding a niche and filling it!

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    A cool idea. Wish these entrepreneurs well.

    On a side note, I’d guess that if this product was presented on Shark Tank, the investors would suggest the price point is too high.

    (Note: That show is a bit silly to me … all the dramatic music and whatnot … but, some tidbits of wisdom seem to eek out, on occasion)

    Any way you slice it, peeling eggs is a messy endeavor!

  6. Phillip Perri

    Having almost stopped making hard boiled eggs because of the frustration tryin to peel them, I finally hit the web. Turns out if you steam your eggs for 25 minutes then IMMEDIATELY submerge them in cold water (I also add ice)the shells practically drop off when you crack them! Works like a charm and the eggs taste the same or better! The perfect protein is back on my menu. Save your money, or spend it on a steaming basket. Sorry ladies..

  7. Richard Fogel

    ever try egg matzah?