[UPDATE] Juvenile In Custody For School Threat

A juvenile is in custody, Westport police said this afternoon, after threats were directed at a teacher, and the entire Staples High School population.

Staples officials called police at 9 a.m. this morning, after the student was overheard stating he had “thoughts” of a mass shooting.

Police said they have found firearms belonging to the student’s father, and locked in a safe. More may be located.

Westport schools are expected to open on time Wednesday.

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  1. Omg

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  2. Seriously??!!
    Good God.

  3. Kathleen Doyle

    With all due respect, this is a serious matter that should not be covered in haste. I believe there are inaccuracies in your “reporting” and while your earlier post made it sound like it was only a drill.
    Like others in the community I appreciate your features, but serious, breaking news should be left to the professionals.

    • David J Loffredo

      And exactly who are the professionals? Try to get on the WestportNow website and report back – it’s been inaccessible since 2pm. And the town website? Nada.

      Thank you Dan for keeping us informed is what you meant to type.

    • Agreed. I was glad to be informed via this blog, but I fear that the comments are going to get out of control. This post is going to elicit a large volume of impassioned comments. Please, everyone, let’s wait for the facts to unfold. I am withholding judgment/commentary until we learn more.

    • Your point is well taken.
      But for the sake of clarity, what Dan posted here is a truncated , word for word version of what was published in Westport News.

    • Susan Farley

      Woah …. “bloggers are the new establishment,” that’s actually inarguable at this point. You’re lucky Dan does this, & if you find it deficient don’t spend time reading it (& def don’t spend time criticizing his work).

    • WHAT?!?!

  4. Michele Cloutier

    Perhaps you can find out why the student was taken for questioning at 9am and our students went to a classes as usual until 1:15 when those handling the threat decided to shelter them in place four hours later? Is this protocol? This seems odd to me.

    As well, Colleen Palmers email that there was no threat parsed words during a very difficult time. Meanwhile, GFA letter to parents was out at 2pm with information about what actually was happening.
    So parents at another school had more information than we did. Again, this seems odd to me.

  5. Kristin Schneeman

    I do appreciate Dan’s blog as a news source, but I agree this hasty series of alarming statements is not helpful. I was at the press conference this afternoon and heard, for instance, that the student’s family has guns at home that are locked up. I’m not saying that doesn’t mean they might have posed an imminent threat, but that’s different than “they found firearms” without saying where or under what circumstances. And an important detail that was not included here is that another student heard this student make the threat and immediately reported it to the administration, who informed the police and brought the student in for questioning immediately. Lots of important detail missing here! No excuse for there not being a thing on the town’s web site, however.

  6. Exactly!!! OMG!!!

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  7. Video of news conference with police and superintendent of schools for those who missed it:

  8. PLEASE now sign the petition (323 so far), I beg you. Demand an SRO in EVERY Westport public school immediately.
    Copy into your browser:

  9. The professionals?? Do the facts ever really matter anymore to them ?
    Isn’t the standard narrative to blame the NRA, Mental Health , the Republicans , Trump, law enforcement . Let’s blame everyone but the person who actually is at fault … I’m sure the kid just had a bad day …. do we just sssume evil just not exist??

    • Evil does not exist. Troubled people crying out for help exist everywhere. The sticking point is the availability of guns.

    • At least someone gets it. Once again Nancy talks about guns. Maybe let’s see why these kids are trying to commit such horrible acts of violence on others. I agree availability of guns need to be dealt with but that’s part of the equation. Maybe parents should be parents and not there kids friends. Maybe kids should play outside instead of playing shooting games on the tv. Maybe we should put our cell phones at the front door and leave in car when the family is eating dinner. Let’s put our kids first instead of worrying about the cars we drive, the size house we have and the clothes we wear. These kids are starving for attention. We need to get them help before the next tragedy happens.

  10. Would so hope that this would make some parents reconsider keeping firearms in their home…cannot be the only disenfranchised kid with access to guns in the district. How about the police offered to store guns for “safe keeping”? Long shot I guess… no pun intended.

  11. Omg

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  12. There was a live video of the press conference on the Town of Westport Facebook page. It is still there if you want to view it. https://facebook.com/westportct.gov/

  13. Eric A. Zuckerman

    At least it was prevented.
    Thanks Dan.
    SF, NM

  14. Carl Addison Swanson

    It seems from the surface that some punk thought he would boost his bravado by idle threats. As is the norm here, there was over reaction, false reports and high drama. Sadly, they may become the norm?

    • your analysis is without expertise. It is people like you that scare me a lot

      • Carl Addison Swanson

        Since I was a federal attorney for over a decade, I do have some expertise. It is your naivete that scars me. When a disturbed kid murders 6 year old years at Sandy Hook, and Congress will not even pass background checks, it is proof positive that our government is INEPT at doing anything about gun control. It must come from the private sector. And your inane banter will not do anything but incite the gun nuts. And a side note, I grew up here. I wonder how we survived the weekly “Civil Defense” drills in school, knowing a nuke might just blow us up at any time? And then the town decides to place the “new” high school right next to a Nike site? Get a grip, Fogel. It was some punk kid blabbing like you.

    • Definitely the norm, real or not. Imagine a life without guns.

  15. how dumb and ignorant is the USA?? Shame on the citizens and politicains who defend this ignorance. People who vote to sup[port such weapons tobe accessed should be shamed. Its a disgrace, When will someone stand up?Stand up to lunacy

  16. Apparently, Mr. Fogel, you have not been watching the news. The “Z” generation is speaking out and “Moms Demand Action,” an arm of “Everytown (sic) For Gun Safety,” which was founded after Sandy Hook, signed up 75,000 new members after the Parkland tragedy. So stop your whining and do something yourself. Let that “someone” to stand up be YOU!