Snow Scenes

Nearly everyone in Westport is gone. It’s a holiday weekend, and the start of the schools’ winter break.

For the few folks left in town, yesterday’s snowfall was perfect. A few inches of heavy white stuff fell at night. There was little traffic, no major events to disrupt.

When we woke up this morning, the storm had moved on. The sun was bright, the snow already melting.

It was beautiful — and, hopefully, fleeting. By midweek, temperatures are expected to hit 65.

So how are things in Cabo, Antigua, or wherever else you all are today?

One view of Nyala Farm …

,,, and another.

Burying Hill Beach

One view of Longshore …

… and another. (All photos/Larry Untermeyer)


6 responses to “Snow Scenes

  1. 40 degrees and threatening rain here in London, no surprise, of course.

    Most everybody from taxi drivers to my barber to a friend who is fairly high up in the government believe our President is dangerously unhinged.

    I miss Westport. Joey Staple 1965

  2. Lindsay Shepherd

    Air time at Grave Salmon Park !

  3. I do enjoy seeing these (and especially like the Burying Hill Beach pic).

  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58


  5. Surprisingly (especially, for the already bursting bulbs), the same snowfall and blue skies today in the Pacific Northwest — a last kiss of winter.

  6. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Wow! Beautiful shots, LSU (Dad)!!