Photo Challenge #164

I’m not a playground person.

But Anne Bernier and Peter Boyd are. Which is why they were the only “06880” reader to correctly identify last week’s photo challenge. It was a closeup of part of the playground at Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. (Click here for Thomas Quealy’s shot.)

Located right downtown — directly across from Aux Delices — it looks very inviting. Little kids romp there during the day.

But no one knows whether it’s open to the public, or limited only to the pre-school.

Maybe that’s why no one — besides Anne and Peter — knew the photo challenge answer.

Here’s this week’s image. If you think you know where — or what — it is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Gene Borio)

8 responses to “Photo Challenge #164

  1. Train station platform

  2. Powerwall to storage electricity from solar shingles?

  3. I think it’s an electric car charging station. Not sure where this one is-the library, perhaps?

  4. Random charging station on the train platform. Just appeared one day.


  5. Westport train station, NYC bound track

  6. Lawrence J Zlatkin

    That’s an easy one– mobile charging stand at the Saugatuck Train Station.

  7. Jonathan McClure

    Charging kiosk at the Saugatuck train station