Suzanne Sherman: Sing Daily!

Suzanne Sherman Propp loves to sing.

At Staples High School, the 1981 graduate sang in the Orphenians and choir. (She also played violin in the chamber orchestra, acted in Players, and was a cheerleader. She does not realize there are only 24 hours in a day.)

At Colgate University — where she majored in music and English — Suzanne led the a cappella Swinging ‘Gates group (and continued to play violin).

She then spent a year in Utah, working at an Alta ski lodge in the bar, at the front desk, and playing music.

Back in Westport, she accompanied herself on guitar at coffeehouses like Grassroots.

Suzanne went on to earn an MBA at Columbia University — and leveraged it to work in the music industry. She worked in new business development for a record label, and for Mark Spector — a Westport resident who was Joan Baez’s manager.

A casual conversation with 3 of her former Staples teachers — Dave Harrison, Dick Leonard and Phil Woodruff — at a Christmas carol sing (!) inspired her to change careers. They wondered why she wasn’t teaching.

Suzanne was certified in 1998. The next year she was hired to be Greens Farms Elementary School’s (surprise!) music teacher. She’s been there ever since.

Suzanne Sherman Propp

Suzanne’s more-than-24-hour days — which included raising 2 children — leave her plenty of time to spend on her newest project: Sing Daily!

Every day, Suzanne picks a song. She posts it on her website, and emails it to subscribers. After (hopefully) warming up their voices, everyone is invited to sing her Song of the Day.

“Singing makes you feel better,” Suzanne explains. “It livens your spirit. I see it every day in school. It’s been proven by studies. Everybody should sing every day!”

Suzanne Sherman Propp (center, in back wearing a hat) with young singers.

But — the morning shower aside — we don’t really know what or where to sing. And — lacking Suzanne’s beautiful voice — most of us are intimidated belting out a tune.

So Suzanne helps us along. She’s curated a varied list. There’s “Home on the Range,” and the Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love?”

Every genre is represented. There are songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Pete Townshend, the Indigo Girls, Herman’s Hermits, Billy Joel and (of course) Joan Baez. She includes a few original songs too, but downplays their importance. “I’m not trying to sell anything,” Suzanne notes.

Sometimes there are obvious tie-ins. On her husband Peter’s birthday, Suzanne wrote a special song for him. (Of course — why not?! — she also created an accompanying YouTube video).

She’ll celebrate holidays and special occasions. But sometimes, they’ll be secret. For example, the Greens Farms principal loves “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” That will be the Song of the Day on his birthday — though no one will know why.

Suzanne welcomes suggestions. “There are 365 days in a year. That’s a lot of songs!” she says.

She launched her project without a lot of publicity. Still, it’s found plenty of fans. One is her mother, Ruth Sherman. “She’s not a singer,” Suzanne says. “But she loves it!”

That’s the whole idea. You don’t have to be a singer. You just have to sing.

Actually, I’m wrong.

“Everyone is a singer!” Suzanne insists. “Try it. Your life will change!”

(Click here for Suzanne Sherman Propp’s Sing Daily! website.)

13 responses to “Suzanne Sherman: Sing Daily!

  1. I L -O-V-E-D that song!! Thank you 💕

  2. Valerie DiPrato

    Mrs. Propp is a gift to Westport and GFS.
    She inspires us to “turn around and just say hi”. In dealing with the everyday, I often reach for a song or a dance she has taught our kids to lighten the mood and take the pressure off of the situation. Thank you Mrs. Propp for teaching our children well!

  3. Melissa Crouch Chang

    Wonderful!! What a great way to start the morning.

  4. Ann Bacharach

    I can decide which is the more important “institution”: the Carol Sing or the triumvirate of Dave Harrison, Dick Leonard and Phil Woodruff shaping lives after high school. Oh and I subscribed.

  5. Suzanne has been a pure joy and inspiration to my daughter and all the kids she grew up with in Westport, not to mention the parents. Our family loves music in all forms and varieties, and Suzanne helped by sharing her profound belief in music as a source of life with all of us – she is a treasure!

  6. We all love you, Suzanne ! Even before we knew all the other amazing pre-gfs accomplishments! Keep inspiring us! (We know you will)

  7. We’re lucky to have her share the joy. Car rides are a lot livelier now that I have a child in her class 😉 Keep up the great work Suzanne!

  8. Rhona Lieberson

    What a Great way to Start Everyday!!!! Love It,,,,Subscribed to It,,,,,and Thank you and your photo captures your beauty. Thank your Mom for you. Rhona Liebers

  9. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58


  10. Suzanne is beyond talented and our GFS students (staff and parents!) are so incredibly fortunate to have her! THANK YOU SUZANNE!!! Xo

  11. Madeline Bayliss

    Shout out to a fellow Colgate grad! The Swinging ‘Gates women’s a capella group exhibited the joy of singing that apparently Suzanne creates for her students and followers today. Good profile story, Dan.

  12. Suzanne is awesome. So is her Mom.

  13. Suzanne is without a doubt one of the big reasons I have 4 kids who love to sing (and are much better at it than their genes can explain). She is so devoted and quick to share her radiant smile. GFS families will never forget her concerts, Walk-a-thon song (I cry every year), and Music in Our Schools Month. Suzanne is a true Westport and Greens Farms School treasure.