Nice Crosswalk — Just Don’t Cross!

It only took, oh, a year or so since the Main Street/North Compo/Clinton Avenue improvement project was completed.

But a new crosswalk was finally striped today.


Except for one minor detail:

Hey, no biggie! I’m sure the state will get around to removing it — and the others nearby — soon.

Like, say, a year from now.

12 responses to “Nice Crosswalk — Just Don’t Cross!

  1. LOL, typical…

  2. out here on Whidbey Island, we take signs like that down ourselves, and let them rest on the ground, nearby, but out of sight. to avoid porcine attention, it is done around sheriffshiftchange time.

    • You have the right to call police officers “pigs” or, more recently, your “porcine” euphemism for them. I have the right to say that offends me and makes me think less of you.

  3. That no pedestrian crossing sign is referring to crossing Main Street, and is positioned to be seen by pedestrians attempting to cross from Clinton to N. Compo, across Main.
    The new crosswalk connects the sidewalks installed on the north side of Main Street, where pedestrians can cross Clinton Ave. this crossing has always been allowed and there is NOT a no pedestrian sign placed there.
    Still, the point remains that the crosswalk wasn’t completed until today, around a year after the rest of the project.

  4. Your road signs are a mess. How do visitors navigate?

  5. I will say that the state did a great job improving was this intersection’s flow and function. The three left turn lanes really help keep things moving during peak times. Waiting a little while for a striped crosswalk – tolerable.

  6. Buell, why do you feel that calling law enforcement men and women pigs is either intelligent or descriptive…..Harvey Weinstein is a pig, Roy Moore is a pig. It is a ’60’s, silly , rude and inappropriate tag to hang on law enforcement folks and only makes you look silly and rude.

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