Unsung Hero #26

Since 1948, Aitoro has been the place to go for refrigerators, washer-driers, TVs and other big-ticket home items. Just across the line in Norwalk, they’ve developed a passionate following in Westport (and the rest of Fairfield County).

Tony Aitoro — one of the current owners — loves selling appliances.

But just as much, he loves offering his store for good causes.

Since opening a big showroom in 2004, Tony has made that his mission. Nearly every Thursday night — as soon as customers leave — he hosts an event for a worthy cause.

Tony Aitoro

Clothes to Kids, STAR, Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, Cooking for Charity — nearly any non-profit that asks can use Aitoro’s great space for a fundraiser. If there’s food involved, caterers — or specialty chefs — take over the kitchen.

The cost of renting a hall can be huge. Thanks to Tony, that money is never spent.

Tony’s generosity extends beyond Thursday nights, of course. When Wakeman Town Farm was putting in a new kitchen this year, he gave them a great price.

“He loves this area. He loves the water, his family, his business, and helping charities,” says Eric Aitoro, Tony’s nephew.

And “06880” loves Tony Aitoro right back.

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12 responses to “Unsung Hero #26

  1. Great guy! Nice that you have recognized him for all that he does. Thanks Tony!

  2. Wonderful store to do business with!! Great showroom. Knowledgeable salespeople. Excellent service and delivery. Honest prices. And- Everyone is nice!!

  3. As one of the grandchildren of the founder, Anthony Aitoro, and a daughter of Rudy Aitoro, one of Anthony’s three sons, I was particularly touched by the humanistic, philanthropic approach my relatives have always taken to this business, over the generations. After all, home, family, and food were always at the center of our lives. Our forebears would be so proud that Tony A. and the entire team is still carrying on that tradition. Keep at it, everyone!

  4. Arline Gertzoff

    He is the fairest around and always willing to work with your budget.I would not go anywheres else for major appliances

  5. Clothes for Kids of Fairfield County had an event on November 9th at Aitoro’s. I am a volunteer that was part of the event committee. I can not say enough how wonderful Tony and his crew were during the entire evening. They moved appliances, lent us tables, they were there the entire evening constantly inquiring how they could help us. We were able to raise a significant amount of money to enable to continue offering kids free wardrobes. Tony, thank you for your contributions. We could not have done it without you and your staff. You are our hero.
    Livia Feig

  6. Roberta Tager


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  7. Tom Nistico Sr

    Tony has the heart of a Lion and the Soul of an Angel . If you haven’t met him make a point to meet him. A big part of our community!

  8. Juliana Fulbright

    I have shopped there for many years1
    ! First time I had heard about Tony! How nice to know I was shopping in the right place!!

  9. David L. Sanders

    The Aitoro name has always been a very trustworthy name.
    My family shopped at Aitoro’s from Bouton street to present!
    You are following in your Family’s Footprints and taking the Aitoro name to a new level of Genorosity my friend!!
    May God bless you Tony and all your family!!

  10. I bought a major appliance for our home in Westport a couple of years ago and found that Aitoro’s price was the best. Wish I’d known this years ago. And “Ken” was the nicest and most knowledgeable salesman. The giving heart of Tony is the frosting on the cake. Thanks for highlighting him!

  11. Tony is a gem. And all the “family” at Aitoros – every employee. Grateful for the recognition from 06880 readers. They do it – just because they care. For our community and those in need.

  12. Clothes To Kids of Fairfield County (CTKF) opened October 13, 2016 to serve those kids on the free or reduced-price school lunch program or in crisis. Tony and I met prior to CTKF opening to discuss the possibility of holding CTKF’s first fundraiser at Aitoro. While Tony perused CTKF’s brochure I clarified that while providing a week’s wardrobe consisting of gently used clothing and new socks and new underwear was not unique the manner of distribution distinguished CTKF from other non-profits. Eligible kids scheduled an appointment to shop in CTKF’s store with the assistance of a personal shopper, for an hour, twice a year and took home clothing they tried on and selected, for free. At the conclusion of our meeting Tony stated that he would be pleased to host our event. Tony’s unbridled support and the support of his staff helped to make our first fundraiser both a financial and advertising success. CTKF managed to open its doors with the ability to purchase clothing needed by those shopping which were not part of the inventory. Tony took a chance on an “unknown entity”. CTKF’s viability is the result of the generosity of people like Tony.

    Thank you, Tony.

    Elaine Rubinson
    Executive Director