Pics Of The Day #218

Don’t mess with these girls.

Police and teenagers threw balls at each other’s heads — and cheered for each other — at tonight’s annual Dodge-a-Cop tournament in the Staples High School fieldhouse.

Sponsored by the Westport Youth Commission, Staples’ Teen Awareness Group, the Westport Police Youth Collaborative and PAL, it’s a chance for a couple of hundred kids and a couple of dozen cops to play dodgeball, eat pizza, win trophies, raise money, and hang out.

Teams came in costume. Police took off their holsters and cuffs. It was a great night for all.

Whether it’s Staples Wrecker blue, or the men (and women) in blue, the message was clear: Blue lives matter.

A typical team — with actual cops on the far left and far right.

10 responses to “Pics Of The Day #218

  1. This post is difficult to understand, especially (women) officers in parentheses.

    • Dan, next time use “people in blue”.
      “cops”, too, is demeaning.
      Do the Police wear copper buttons?

      • Nancy, please shut up. There is nothing difficult to understand, unless you are parsing every single punctuation mark, and lobbing mortars from across the border because you have nothing better to do. The phrase is usually “men in blue.” Because Westport has some great female officers, I added them in. The parentheses ADD emphasis, not take away or demean women in any way.

        This is a blog, not the Gettysburg Address. I used “police” in the lead. In order to write in a lively, non-repetitive way, I used a synonym the next time.

        Now I have some Nancy Hunter-style advice: “Stop using ‘loonie’ to refer to the Canadian dollar. It is demeaning to people with mental illnesses.”

        That’s what your constant comments — telling me and everyone else in town what to do, and how to live our lives — sounds like. You’ve worn out your welcome. I get a couple of e-mails a day, from people who are otherwise very nice and kind, asking why you are so obsessed with this blog, and asking me to block you. I haven’t yet. But you are wearing out your welcome very, very quickly.

  2. Ann Marie Flynn

    Dan…thank you for showing such a winning combination. Every one looks great.

  3. Andrew Colabella

    It was a real pleasure to be apart of tonight’s event. The enthusiasm, teams, colors and spirit was overwhelmingly extravagant and warming, i felt like a kid again and everyone was very polite and took the game so seriously.

    Another great job by Westport Police and Students, two finest groups in the town.

  4. Thank you Dan for always publishing such interesting, relevant and entertaining content and thank you for your firm response to Nancy Hunter, a pervasive dark cloud hovering over an otherwise great blog. It’s time for her to just go away . . .
    Happy Thanksgiving – your dedication to Westport is one of the things that I am grateful for.