Making Music After A Midlife Crisis

Rob Slosberg is “just a dad trying to live the midlife crisis dream.”

This being Westport, many midlife crises are eased with a sports car or trophy wife.

Slosberg — a lifelong Westporter and 1982 Staples High School grad — took a different route.

“It’s a bit surreal releasing a first album at my age,” he says. (He’s 52.) “When I tell people about it, they sort of tilt their head at me and say, ‘why?” Or they ask, “seriously, what’s your real job?”

Growing up in Westport — and just starting his career in advertising — Slosberg only dabbled in music. But then his 2 sons were born. He picked up his guitar, and played for and with them.

By the time Justin was 11 — and drumming with School of Rock —  Slosberg joined him in a band.

Justin Slosberg

At 14, Justin tried guitar. Pretty quickly, he was better than his dad.

Slosberg tells people that Justin got too cool to play with his father. Actually, Slosberg admits, his son was too talented.

That’s not the old man blowing smoke. Justin was recently accepted into Berklee College of Music.

So Slosberg started another band. Miss Suzy’s Opus was a regular on the Bobby Q’s roof.

Slosberg began writing original tunes. But he was hesitant to play them publicly. “People want to dance. They don’t want to hear some guy’s new song,” he says. “I completely get that.”

Rob Slosberg

Then one of his sons got very sick. Today Slosberg tells people, “‘we went through a traumatic medical event.’ I usually don’t talk about it much more than that, because it hurts my heart to talk about it. It was a dark time.”

Suddenly, there was nothing more important in his life than writing more songs and getting an album finished. Slosberg was on a mission.

It took a year, on and off, in the studio. He kept it secret from almost everyone.

“I didn’t want any negative energy,” he explains. “I only played the songs for my girlfriend. She’s obligated to love them.”

In real life, Slosberg is a creative director at a New York advertising firm. The album — “Private Moon” — is being released under the name Rob Morton.

That’s his middle name. He’s not hiding anything — he just wants his artist and ad lives to be separate.

Slosberg’s favorite track is “Just One More Day With You.” It’s fun and upbeat, but with a tinge of sadness.

There’s also a tribute to his boys. It’s called “I Was Supposed to be Your Hero.”

It’s a great song. And the title is a lot better than “I Was Supposed to be an Advertising Guy, Until This Midlife Crisis Hit.”

(“Private Moon” is available on iTunes and other music sites.)


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  1. Really loved reading this! Inspiring to see someone following their dreams. At 52 orŠ.ever. And especially because Rob¹s mom, Joan, was my guitar teacher for many years. Congratulations, Rob!

  2. I’m really glad you made the decision to share your music Rob Slosberg. That introductory Video touched my soul as I’m sure it will with others. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  3. Lori Winthrop Dockser

    Way to go bro!!!

  4. Thank you so much, Dan. And thanks for those amazing words of support RB Marcino!

  5. Rob is such an all around great guy! He truly embodies the Half Full take on life, and it shows in his life, lives and talent!
    You need any groupies, Rob :))

  6. It wasn’t in my plan to begin this day with tears…just sayin’. Lovely. just sayin’.

  7. Joan Tricarico

    Beautiful song!

  8. Great article Dan ~! suzanne

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  9. Great song – made my day!

  10. What a lovely song and touching video. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Beautiful song!! Can’t wait to join you tomorrow night in Norwalk and hear the rest of the album!

  12. Very IZ.

  13. Slos:

    Great tune. Don’t stop writing, playing and sharing !

  14. Great song Rob! Congratulations!

  15. Thank you Dan…great article about a great guy…great work Rob. Congratulations

  16. Allyson Crump Beardslee

    That was a beautiful song and brought wonderful tears to my eyes. Thanks for that and I look forward to listening to more!

  17. Great song Rob! Congrats! And I thought you were just a really good tennis player!

  18. at this moment I couldn’t cheer more loudly for a wonderful human being who just happens to be my son!! I am so very very proud and filled with joy!! Keep going forward in life to fulfill all those special dreams and keep the music playing!!!
    Momma Joan

    • Ohhhhh! Mom!! This is so sweet I can’t take it. And it’s so much better than hearing, “You never call me!” Thank you, Mom. Love you very much.