Pic Of the Day #206

Nyala Farm (Photo/Dave Dellinger)

6 responses to “Pic Of the Day #206

  1. My favorite landscape in all of Westport. Lovely.

  2. Liked it better when it had cows though.

  3. Not theNyala farm i remembered
    The Westport road-runner races, first one of the season, used to start @ Staples & run Thru the farm.
    That route changed many years ago.
    “Those were the days”, of yore!
    Laddie was there then & still runs those fabulous races now (summer series).
    Ah!, Memories!

  4. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    Beautiful; inspirational…and I remember the time when there were cows in the field!

  5. Audrey Doniger

    I remember taking my kids to the farm to watch the cows being milked…even though a machine did the pumping the man had to hook the udders on to the machine….doesn’t sound great,but with that wonderful smell of the hay and the warm milk and the beauty of the entire farm,estate or whatever.. it was sheer peace and nostalgia for me and now for my “kids”who are in their 60s or heading there…….thank you Dan for letting me use 06880 as a memoir for me….whenever I become a nuisance a la N.H.let me know