Diana Kuen’s CharityRaggs

Diana Kuen’s blog is called Girl Reinvented.

That’s an apt name. In 2010 she quit her life running a successful publishing business, managing and producing travel sections for the New York Times and Boston Globe — with summers spent in the Hamptons, and winters snowboarding in Vermont — to take a long road trip across America.

She gave up her apartment. For nearly a year, she lived in a camper.

It was the first time she’d ever slowed down, and figured out what really mattered to her.

Diana Kuen, on the road.

The epochal journey helped her rejuvenate the right side of her brain. “It sat pretty dormant for years while I ran in the hamster wheel,” Kuen says.

In the summer of 2016 — still exploring new passions — she learned how to sew. She also took a Brooklyn screen printing workshop (“because, why the hell not?”).

Kuen became so excited, she formed a textile company making whimsical dish towels. Soon her creations were in 120 Camping World stores nationwide.

Faith and risk have carried her far. All the way, in fact, to Westport.

While living with her brother in Fairfield, she found the Saugatuck Rowing Club. She fell in love with the neighborhood and its people.

Now she lives nearby. She rides her bike to the club, where she coaches rowing. She teaches standup paddleboard and runs clambakes for Downunder.

She’s also got her own textile business — 2, actually. There’s DishRaggs, and a charitable brand extension called CharityRaggs. She gives part of her earnings to worthy organizations, including Autism Speaks, animal rights and rescue groups, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and Sandy Hook Promise.

“Each towel is a labor of love, a work of art, and a little piece of me,” Kuen says. “Think of DishRaggs the same way you might hang a framed picture on your wall.”

They’re fun and whimsical, with sayings, photos and logos.

And — because Kuen has just been here a few months, but loves “06880” (both the town and the blog) — there are a few special “06880” DishRaggs too. (With matching gift bag!) Each sale benefits this blog.

Diane Kuen’s “06880” towel.

From now through November 15, Kuen offers 20% off all full-price DishRaggs (CharityRaggs excluded).

Get your holiday shopping done early! Find the perfect hostess gift! Support “06880”!

Just click here for Kuen’s entire collection; click here for the “06880” items. At checkout, use the promo code “06880” (without the quotation marks).

The next time you see the way cool — and very generous — Diana Kuen, be sure to thank her.

And welcome her to “06880.”

Diane Kuen’s “06880” gift bag.

11 responses to “Diana Kuen’s CharityRaggs

  1. Very awesome stuff, maybe Diana can make some Catch A Lift Towels for our event on Veterans Day Nov 11, also my cousin is high up on the Sandy Hook Charitable Organization if she wants a further connection! Great life, great story!

    • Hi Adam! Thank you so much! I am currently working with folks @ Sandy Hook Promise and I’m also partnered with Vicki Soto’s mom, Donna, to help support the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund. I’d love to help more if I can, and I’d also love to hear about your Veteran’s Day event. My email is diana@girlreinvented.com 🙂

  2. Susan Schmidt

    Go Diana!! You’re a fantastic role model and inspiration.

  3. I love this story – the passion and the fortitude
    Thank you for sharing this – not to mention giving me an idea for an excellent holiday gift

  4. Andrew Colabella

    She had a dream, a wonderous feeling burning inside to explore and see what’s around the corner and keep going. I love hearing stories like this. Very inspirational, reassuring and empowering.

    • Thanks for commenting Andrew and your kind words! That’s exactly how I felt. Not everyone understands and it’s really nice when people do. 🙂

  5. Ann Marie Flynn

    What a marvelous happy idea…..but, does the towel holder come with the towel…..if not, where could I buy them. Much thanks.

  6. Wow it’s been a busy week! Now I know what Steve Martin felt like when the new phone book arrived! “I’m somebody now!” (The Jerk, 1979)
    THANK YOU Dan Woog, from the bottom of my heart, for this post and your incredibly kind words. This right here is exactly why I love this town so much and all of the people in it. Thank you EVERYONE, for your support and encouragement – belief is a powerful thing. Westport is a very special place! Now I have to go back to making DishRaggs! 🙂