Pic Of The Day #183

Saugatuck River by the Levitt Pavilion (Photo/Jeb Backus)

23 responses to “Pic Of The Day #183

  1. Holly Wheeler

    Beautiful photo!

  2. Outstanding.

    • Thank you Fred. Who would have ever thought 30 years ago we would have the ability to take pictures of this quality with a cell phone. 😱😎

  3. Just what the rowing person wants – a power boat leaving a wake !

  4. Lynn Untermeyer Miller


  5. Happy people are enjoying the picture. I was just driving up Riverside Ave on my way to the YMCA and saw a cpl of rowers and the coaches boat traveling up the river. Got ahead of them at Assumption Church and was cool to watch them move up the river towards me. TY to Kristen Wood for sharing with Dan Woog, TY Dan Woog for posting.

  6. Photo looks like it was taken from Eloise Ray Park at the bottom of Lincoln Street and Riverside. Great view of the River and Levitt.

  7. Julia and Scott Broder

    Kudos Jeb,
    This photo is a wonderful work of art!
    Thank you for sharing it!

  8. As a rower myself, thanks for posting this beautiful photo of what we love to do early in the morning on the Saugatuck River.

  9. Beautiful photo, Jeb!!

  10. Beautiful view, wonderful photo. Thank you, Jeb!

  11. Bettina Gangi

    Nice shot, Jebber…Mr. Ganj