Friday Flashback #61

Westporters have watched with interest as renovations begin on 1 Wilton Road.

That’s the quaint little building squatting underneath the massive Wright Street office project.

Today it’s one of the many frustrating reasons for back-ups at the Post Road West/Riverside Avenue intersection. Plans to move the building to create a turning lane have been rejected (perhaps to rise again, in the future).

Once upon a time, that section of town was less chaotic. Back in the day, a man could stroll down the middle of State Street — past a still-familiar streetscape that includes National Hall (now The ‘Port restaurant).

But I’m sure turn-of-the-20th-century Westporters found plenty to complain about.

Look at that mud! Those rocks, and the wagon ruts!

And I know some folks thought that watering trough didn’t need to be smack in the center of the road.

11 responses to “Friday Flashback #61

  1. If you look really close you can see a horse whose entitled owner has parked it just outside of its hitching post.

  2. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    Tongue in cheek I say, well, it’s Westport what do you expect? Except the same problems and complaints are everywhere, not just Westport. Yes, get that horse correctly parked and by all means move the watering trough or at least create a roundabout……

  3. Robert Mills IV

    It would be interesting to know who that man actually was strolling down the center of the road?

  4. Jacques Voris

    And yet that is the very same intersection where a police officer was killed when directing traffic…in 1924. George Walter Mills was struck by a car traveling at a high rate of speed up Riverside Avenue and hit George. He died two days later from his injuries.

  5. Dorrie Barlow Thomas

    Kinda looks like the man is looking down at his phone…doesn’t it?!!! …not so much has changed 😜

  6. It’s Friday the 13th, Halloween is nearing. This pic doesn’t quite fit the definition of a ghost town, though, at least not yet.

  7. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Where did horses defecate?

  8. Don’t know where they defecated, eric, but they shit in the street

  9. The National Hall building does not appear to be “flush” with the buildings that now house Antiquaire and Mar Silver. I realize that 8 Post Road West received an addition to its facade, but did National Hall also have a few feet added to its facade since the photo was taken?