Photo Challenge #145

Unlike Sam Cooke (and Herman’s Hermits), “06880” readers do know much about history.

Last week’s photo challenge showed part of a historic marker (click here to view). Very quickly, you guys (and gals) identified the location as the small Machamux park, nestled near I-95 off Greens Farms Road between Beachside Avenue and the train station.

You chimed in with other information: “Machamux” means “beautiful land” in Pequot. The plaque is on a boulder that’s the site of the very first Greens Farms meetinghouse.

But no one commented on the name of the young sachem on the plaque: “Chickens.” (Maybe people were too scared…?)

Congratulations to Fred Cantor, Joyce Barnhart, Seth Schachter, Robert Mitchell, Wendy Cusick, Jacques Voris, Amy Schneider, Seth Goltzer, W. Tucker Clark and Jacque O’Brien. You know your onions — er,  your Westport history.

But do you know where in Westport this is?

If you do, click “Comments” below.

8 responses to “Photo Challenge #145

  1. Patricia McMahon

    On Soundview?

  2. Yes, I was going to write that as well, Patricia. But I’m not sure.

  3. Is this right by where Gail & Terry Coen used to live?

  4. Elaine Marino

    Spotted Horse?

  5. Elaine Marino

    Oops!! Patricia and Fred are correct. It is the house at 15 Soundview.

  6. Well done, Patricia, Fred and Elaine. It is 15 Soundview — next to Terry and Gail Coen’s house (now torn down). Back in the day, the entire Compo Beach neighborhood was summer homes only. Many of them — like this now-renovated house — date to the early 20th century.

  7. Catherine Ryan

    Grey house on Soundview and Norwalk.

  8. Seth Goltzer

    House on Soundview Ave