Photo Challenge #144

The 1st of all 143 photo challenges to show an aerial view of a Westport scene proved to be the easiest of all 143.

A whopping 24 “06880” readers quickly — and correctly — guessed that the image was of 90 Hillspoint Road, from the air. (Click here to see.)

But was it Hillspoint Elementary School? A Child’s Place preschool? The Learning Community? Children’s Community Development Center?

All were correct. The architecturally daring, functionally absurd school opened in 1960 (and promptly closed, when a large glass panel fell into a classroom).

After it closed in the 1980s, it became home to 3 daycare/childcare/preschool programs. All operate under the umbrella of the Parent Child Center.

Congratulations to every “06880” reader who was not fooled by the top-down photo: Christopher Buckley, Fred Cantor, Amy Day, Jerry Kuyper, Susan Schmidt, Joyce Barnhart, Seth Schachter, Iain Bruce, Andrew Colabella, Beau James, Phil Rubin, Joseph Weisz, Linda Amos, Craig Clark, Scott Brodie, Tammy Barry, Jacques Voris, Kathleen Burke, Stephanie Ehrman, Seth Braunstein, Rebecca Wolin, Darryl Manning, Amee Borys and Diana Sawicki.

We’re back on the ground this week. If you know where in Westport you’d find this — and what it refers to — click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Mark Bates)


12 responses to “Photo Challenge #144

  1. The park near Greens Farms station.

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    On the boulder in the grassy area on the south side of Greens Farms Road after Beachside Avenue. Called the Maksamuch (spelling?) boulder after a local Indian chief.

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Oops. I should have read more carefully. I got the legend wrong, but I think I got the location right.

  3. Seth Schachter

    Agree with the others – this is the site off
    Greens Farms Rd and I believe it was the site of the first Greens Farms church/school etc in GreensFarms.

  4. Robert Mitchell

    Machamux plaque on Greens Farms Road.

  5. Machamux Park Greens Farms Rd
    (in Pequot language Machamux means beautiful land looked that up)
    While traveling Greens Farms Rd going North where it splits to become Beachside Ave take left fork. The park is on the immediate right on Greens Farms Rd (if you pass New Creek Rd turn around you’ve gone to far). If coming down Morningside DR S at stop sign take right onto Greens Farms Rd immediate left into small parking area.

  6. Jacques Voris

    The Jennings Trail plaque at Machamux park

  7. Amy Schneider

    Machamux Park on Greens or Green’s Farms Road and Morningside Drive South. Machumux means “beautiful land.” It’s got 4 stars on Yelp as a dog park.

  8. Seth Goltzer

    Small Park on Greens Farms Rd, believe it’s Michimaux or similar spelling,

  9. w tucker clark

    It refers to the naming of Matcamux on Greens Farm plaque by Sachem i dian chief

  10. w tucker clark

    It refers to the naming of Matcamux on Greens Farm plaque by Sachem i dian chief

  11. Jacque O'Brien

    In Greens Fatms at the site of the original Meeting House on Greens Farms Road?