Photo Challenge #143

To solve last week’s photo challenge, you needed a kid.

Karen Kim, Susan Schmidt and Victor Belyaev have all spent time at the Compo Beach playground. That’s how they nailed the unusual image. Click here for Amy Schneider’s crop circle-like photo.

How about this week’s puzzle? If you know where you’d find this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo courtesy of Paul Ehrismann)

26 responses to “Photo Challenge #143

  1. Christopher Buckley

    It’s A Child’s Place at 90 Hillspoint

  2. Drone shot of Hillspoint El.

  3. The old Hillspoint School

  4. A Child’s Place Preschool

  5. Overhead shot of learning community preschool on hillspoint road?

  6. It wouldn’t be fair to use a photo of the interior of the former Hillspoint School for the challenge, but that wooden ceiling is so beautiful – at least it was when I saw it in the 70’s.

  7. Looks like old Hillspoint Elementary School that is now shared by 3 preschool programs. I think the town still owns this property right ?????

  8. The architectural felony known as Hillspoint School.

    • Michael Calise

      I recall one of the very first “events” at Hillspoint was some of the perimeter windows breaking loose and falling into a classroom.

  9. Andrew Colabella

    Hills point school

  10. Hillspoint school

  11. Learning Community?

  12. The preschool off hills point Rd

  13. Hillspoint School from the air

  14. Too easy

  15. Aerial photo of the one-time Hillspoint Elementary School.

  16. The Ariel view of Hillspoint Community Preschool!!

  17. The Parent Child Center, formerly Hillspoint Elementary School. Located at 90 Hillspoint Road. Home to A Child’s Place, The Learning Community, Children’s Community Development Center

  18. Kathleen Burke

    the old hillspoint school, now called a child’s place

  19. Stephanie Ehrman

    Is it 90 Hillspoint – home to a few preschools including learning community preschool

  20. Seth Braunstein

    A child’s place pre-k on Hillspoint

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  21. It’s the preschool on hills dale It used to be an elementary school

  22. Hillspoint School

  23. Hillspoint school building that now houses three preschools 🙂

  24. Hillspoint school