Photo Challenge #142

Who knew we had so many ponds in Westport?

Nash’s. The Longshore golf course. Haskins Preserve. Gray’s Creek.

Those were some of the wrong guesses for last week’s photo challenge.

The correct answer — nailed by only Lynn U. Miller and Sally Mott — was: Bulkley Pond.

In fact, it was just before the waterfall, viewed from the Post Road on the bridge that divides Westport and Southport. Click here to see that beautiful sight.

Meanwhile, where in Westport — not Southport, not England, not anywhere else — would you see this shot? If you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

5 responses to “Photo Challenge #142

  1. Compo Beach playground

  2. Compo playground!

  3. Karen and Susan, you are both correct!

  4. Victor Belyaev

    Compo beach playground

  5. crop circles?

    Actually, it looks like it would be found at a school or Compo playground.