Marpe: Police, Fire Pension Contracts Now Up For Ratification

Following this morning’s post on the Westport police union’s stance on pension contract negotiations, 1st Selectman Jim Marpe issued this statement:

Both the police and firefighter union executive boards have reached agreement with the town on their pension contracts, and are presenting them to their membership for ratification.

We value all Westport employees including those in our public safety departments and are pleased that these agreements have been reached.

Ratification or rejection of those pension contracts is the next step. “06880” will report on those votes, when they are taken.

6 responses to “Marpe: Police, Fire Pension Contracts Now Up For Ratification

  1. No drama, the First Selectman got the job done.

  2. Carmen A. Roda

    The Judicial Professional Employees Union (CT Probation Officers) supports Westport’s Police and their desire for reasonable benefits. Westport citizens, please make the calls to your representative and show your support for the men and woman who protect us with their lives.
    Carmen A. Roda President Judicial Professional Employees Union

  3. The firefighter union executives may have reached an agreement. However, prior to this, 13 firefighters saw this coming and retired before they wanted to at the current pension plan which resulted in hiring of less experienced firefighters who will need training, learn our roads, and protect us, our homes, and highways. They are the first responders who aid in evacuation of homes in the face of hurricanes and blizzards, and are the first to arrive at our homes in a medical emergency.

  4. We all love the police.
    We thank our first selectman Jim marpe for looking out for westport fiscally as well.

    If the state of ct had been watching out for its tax payers and not kicking the can down the road in its union negotiations we would not be in our current fiscal crisis.

    It takes courage and leadership
    for politicians to negotiate. Thanks again Jim.

  5. Good news for all involved. As long as we’re talking about money, here’s a thought….this town is getting an absolute bargain for the salary paid to Jim Marpe. Many police, fire, teachers and other town employees earn more (way more) than Jim. Yet, there he is, working what appears to be 24/7 guiding our town through difficult times with passion and vision. I’m a relative rookie in Westport (23 years) but we’ve never had a more capable leader – and we’ve had some good ones.

    • Agree – Jim is a great leader and has gotten the job done for Westport residents. Firm supporter!!