Pic Of The Day #143

Amtrak barrels through Westport (Photo/Robert Mitchell)

3 responses to “Pic Of The Day #143

  1. Westport Women’s Club….
    I was blown seat last night at a gathering of approximately 75 people gathered to listen to Steve Obsitnik meticulously and strongly explained his plan to reverse the future of the State !
    Steve Onsitnik has the drive, the experience and the the clear sight to help us all implement this great turn around.
    Democrats and Republicans were present and his words were amazing, and sparkling bright with methodology and hope!
    Steve Obsitnik was very well received!

  2. I am old fashioned..will happily send donation to you at Stsples. You are my Wesrport connection.🎈💕

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  3. “Faster than a speeding bullet” . . . oh well, not quite yet.