Photo Challenge #139

You guys are good.

No — you’re great.

I would have bet any amount of money that last week’s photo challenge was impossible. I steeled myself for many wrong guesses — and howls of outrage.

Instead, 4 spectacularly alert “06880” readers knew that Heli Stagg’s ethereal photo was taken at Compo Beach, after the tide ran out (or “down,” as Alan Beasley corrected).

Julie Fatherley, Jill Turner Odice, Seth Goltzer, Rosalie Kaye and Lainey Gomar all know the beauty of our ever-changing sand. Click here so you can see it too.

You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out what this week’s photo shows:

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

They’re meadows, trees and bushes.

Ah — but where in Westport are they?

If you think you know, click “Comments” below.

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #139

  1. Grace Salmon park

  2. Alexandra Wiberg

    It looks to me like the Audubon trails behind GFA. I love to walk my dogs there before carpool.

    • John Hartwell

      I agree with Alexandra. I’ve walked this trail at least once a day for fourteen years.

  3. W. Tucker Clark

    Dan Woog if I’m not mistaken that looks like the trail next to the Nature Center going along the back side I think I’m correct let me know if I win I’m going to go to Disney World

  4. Grace Salmon Park along the Saugatuck River.

  5. One of the great trails at the Paul Newman reserve on Bayberry.

  6. it seems to look like everyone’s favorite park in town. me, too. Caryl & Edna Haskins Preserve on Green Acre Lane.

  7. Leslie Flinn

    Hilla von Rebay Arboretum (Aspectuck Land Trust Park)

  8. Diane Silfen

    I can’t wait to find out…It’s beautiful

  9. I think it’s at the dog park.

  10. I think it’s the park on imperial… heading towards the water

  11. Wow – as Jeff Jacobs said (above), everyone has a favorite park in Westport. There are tons of them. However, the only 2 readers whose favorite park is the one shown in the photo are Alexandra Wiberg and John Hartwell. The image is of H. Smith Richardson Wildlife Preserve — a 74-acre gem that’s part of the Connecticut Audubon Society. The photo was taken on a path leading to the back — the northeast corner of Greens Farms Academy. Thanks to all who participated — now go visit that park, or any other in town!

    • John Hartwell

      For those who want to visit, you can park at GFA behind the new squash courts, pick up a poop bag for your dog, and walk down the road past the turf field, organic garden, and tennis courts, across the soccer field, and into the woods.

  12. Marcia K. Falk

    Winslow park

  13. Joyce Barnhart

    Pretty spot for a stroll – and not far away.