Today’s Darwin Award winner is the woman in a Lincoln Navigator who flew forward in the Compo Beach Soundview Avenue parking lot.

She took out a fire hydrant.

Then she fled the scene.

But she left something important behind: her license plate.

It was stuck in the rock.

(Photos/Andrew Colabella)

I expect this case will be solved momentarily.

18 responses to “Oops!

  1. That is horrible that she fled. I hope she really gets a huge fine.

  2. I expect the perp will get away with it like all infractions that occur in Westport. Money talks; poverty walks.

  3. Just nothing else to say……OMG

  4. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Only in Westport!

    • Susan Hopkins

      Not exactly. It is an everyday occurrence everywhere.

      • Susan: back in the day (1960s) Doris Sullivan was the reporter who covered Westport for the Bridgeport Post. Her weekly column was titled “Only in Westport”. It was a whimsical look at the comings and goings in Town. A pre-06880 community bulletin board. Westporters frequently said. “Only in Westport”. It wasn’t perjorative and it didn’t really mean “ONLY”. I’m quite sure that was the sense of my old neighbor Nancy Powers’ comment.

  5. What ever happened to the police reports? Westport Now is a good source of info! The car must be carrying some visible “wounds” for sure!

  6. In addition to being an idiot I’m sure she considers herself one of Westport’s “Entitled”.

  7. Is that a working hydrant? Where is all the water that should be gushing out?

    • I was just thinking the same thing. I bet the neighbors would be surprised in the event of a fire.

  8. I suspect s/he has quite a journey ahead to repair the damage that led to her hitting the wall. Let’s hope that s/he encounters a solution and the kindness s/he needs.

  9. Dorothy Abrams

    How do you know she fled and didn’t go for help? And Nancy, I’m glad such things only happen in Westport. Makes the rest of the world safer .

    • Help was readily available at the two entrances to the beach — a couple of feet away. Both are staffed by Parks and Rec personnel, with walkie-talkies. The lifeguards are close by too.

  10. I am also curious about the “dummy”? hydrant

    • Fred Roberts

      “Dry” fire hydrants, like we have in the area, have their valves buried deep in the ground and are designed to break away without damaging the water main or the hydrant. This also keeps the water from freezing in the winter. A new valve stem and a few bolts and the hydrant is back in service.

  11. There is a thought: we want no more coyotes, trap them in a cruel clamping manner and then kill them when we find them. Or maybe the pet who got trapped by mistake. We do not like the sound of some lawn blowers, especially when they wake us up. Ban them. And when we hit something with the car, particularly a fire hydrant, back up and leave the incident.
    Sounds of being pretty self involved.

  12. Dave Stalling

    Perhaps the bottom of her car was on fire and she acted swiftly and courageously!