John Fogerty Rocks Westport

Rock Hall of Famer John Fogerty rolled through a few dozen of his — and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s — hits last night, before a packed Levitt Pavilion crowd.

His kick-ass band — including his son Shane — gave a non-stop, 2-hour performance. “It was the best Levitt concert ever,” one woman said when the show finally ended.

If you weren’t there — you missed a legendary event.

If you were — keep on chooglin’!

John Fogerty … (left) (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

… his fans … (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

… and his tour bus.

Another view of John Fogerty … (Photo/Alan Frost)

15 responses to “John Fogerty Rocks Westport

  1. Patricia McMahon

    Seriously Dan, best night of music ever at
    The Levitt.
    A national treasure and Rock and Roll Royalty.

  2. Awesome evening!
    We recoreded a number of “live feeds” at the concert. They’ve been archived on the Town of Westport Facebook page for everyone’s enjoyment!
    Here’s a sample:

  3. Don L. Bergmann

    Thanks Avi. Most of us, if alive, really loved the music of CCR and John Fogerty. Don Bergmann

  4. Julie Van Norden

    That really was the best concert I e ever seen at the Levitt! John Fogerty ROCKED and his son was amazing!

  5. Rhonda Williams

    He truly rocked Westport! I’m a huge Springsteen fan, and I’d say Fogerty’s show last night ranked right up there with a Springsteen concert. And right in our small town! Exceptional!

  6. Bill Boyd (Staples 1966)

    I couldnt attend, but I cant imagine a better performance…Fogerty strikes gold on writing and performance talent….also, maybe the best (male) rock voice ever….sorry I missed the show!

  7. What a show… going to be tough to beat this one!!

  8. Awesome evening! What’s really important is what The Levitt brings to Fairfield County.. My wife ran into friends from Darien and New Jersey!!! We are fortunate to have the Levitt and all it brings to the community. The fact that last evenings concert funds most of the free concerts for the rest of the summer is a beautiful thing…Fogerty Rocks it!!!

  9. I agree – the best Levitt show ever! Reliving the 60’s while having a blast in the 2010’s…right here in Westport! Highlights were many, but especially seeing John Fogerty’s huge smiles as he watched (and played) with his son – Proud Mary’s Proud Papa!!! Thanks to all that made this happen!

  10. Sherri Wolfgang-Peyser

    One of the BEST rock n roll shows at the Levitt! John Fogerty is a legend and his band was terrific. Thank you to all who made this happen in Westport!

  11. Re the best ever Levitt performance: I know it’s difficult to quantify what constitutes the “best” show–and I think a lot of this depends on your specific taste in music–but I just want to put in a word for last year’s amazing show by Westport’s resident Rock and Roll Hall of Famer: Nile Rodgers.

  12. Gary Rozynek

    That was world class entertainment! John Fogerty is a musical icon and his on stage energy for a guy who is 72 years old was inspiring. His son Shane was an excellent guitarist as well and he provided another level of energy that was fun to watch. Drummer Kenny Aronoff (Mellencamp) and Bob Malone the keyboardist are fabulous touring pro’s who also contributed to the great songs we all danced to. Hats off to all involved at the Levitt for an outstanding summer of entertainment! Thank you!

  13. Bill Boyd (Staples 1966)

    Good point above……Nile Rogers, John Fogerty…these are examples of the Best of the Best in Rock history. Hall of Famers in Lil old Westport. Thanks to the booking agent!