Photo Challenge #138

“06880” readers were cranking last Sunday.

We may not agree on what to call the span over the river: William Cribari Bridge? Bridge Street Bridge? Saugatuck Bridge?

But many folks instantly recognized last week’s photo challenge as the hand crank that once opened that multi-named bridge (and still does, if the motorized system fails).

Andy Kaplan, Peter Fulbright, Tom Erickson, David Sampson, Andrew Colabella (who also spotted the extension cord for Al’s Angels’ Christmas lights), Jay Tormey, Jonathan McClure, Joelle Malec, Seth Braunstein and Carmine Picarello all nailed it. To see Tom Feeley’s image, and read all the comments, click here.

This week’s challenge is harder.

Much harder.

If you know where in Westport you’d find this scene, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Heli Stagg)

12 responses to “Photo Challenge #138

  1. Jeff Giannone

    Nature center?

  2. Simple answer would be a sandbar but this is the runoff area by the showers and Feet wash at the pavilion at compo Beach

  3. Julie Fatherley

    Compo Beach when the tide has run out. I have photographed these amazing designs that have been left in the sand from the retreating tide.
    I use them as inspiration for my paintings. Another subtle miracle of Nature.

  4. Probably the tide going out at the Old Mill or Compo

  5. You guys are amazing! I thought no one would get this. Yes, it’s the sand at Compo Beach after the tide goes out. Very, very impressive!

  6. Alan Beasley

    Tides go UP and Down only – never in and out!
    My authority? The Power Squadron Manual.
    (Nit picking): by): Alan Beasley

  7. Nancy Hunter

    Such a beautiful, fleeting “engraving” — would make a perfect tile design.
    (how many birds can you spot?)

  8. Rosalie Kaye

    Low-tide sand.

  9. Michael Don Sullivan

    Alan Beasley! Loved your thought there! I am of the same ilk!

  10. Lainey Gomar

    This looks like the sand formation at Compo Beach after the tide pulls the water back toward the sea.

  11. Can we talk about how cool that shot is?? Holy cow!! What an eye!