Pic Of The Day #125

Gloria — Alan Sterling’s old oyster boat, in Gray’s Creek (Photo/Dave Dellinger)

10 responses to “Pic Of The Day #125

  1. Bruce McFadden

    Paddled by Gloria today. Just as Alan left it !

  2. Sail on, sail on, Sailor !!

  3. Mary Cookman schmerker '58

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  4. Trish Lawrence

    We used to live on Gray’s creek, and our four children would watch in delight when Gloria would sail in and moor behind our home. As a parent, I knew it meant keep the kids out of the water because a storm was approaching. No need to watch the weather channel on that one. This oyster man knew wen the seas were churning up:) Fond memories!

  5. David Squires

    Nice Shot!

  6. Kathleen Mahieu

    Dan and others, What’s the history of that boat? I walk and drive by it all the time with my family. We are wondering why it’s there? Any info to share?
    Thanks – Kathy