Glorious Gloria

In the 2 1/2 years since Alan Sterling died, “Gloria” — his beloved oyster boat — has sat forlornly in Gray’s Creek.

But on Sunday, alert “06880” reader/Renaissance man/photographer Jaime Bairaktaris noticed something:

She shined brightly. With Christmas lights.

Intrigued, he took a photo. But it didn’t show “Gloria” in all her glory.

Last night, Jaime returned to the inlet, between Compo Beach Road and Longshore. He hoped the lights would be on again.

They were. He snapped these gorgeous photos:


(Photos/Jaime Bairaktaris)

(Photos/Jaime Bairaktaris)

Jaime has no clue who strung the lights, and turns them on at night. He asked if I know.

I don’t.

It’s better that way. Just call it Alan Sterling’s Christmas miracle.

16 responses to “Glorious Gloria

  1. Ahhh …. !!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Cool … very cool, indeed!

  3. Carol Buffinton

    I believe I know the elf that made Alan’s Gloria glow but I’m not telling. Oh how Alan would love this!

  4. This makes my heart melt. He was such a sweet man. Used to come into Jrs where I used to waitresses and order his usual eggs on an English muffin 😊 Thanks to sharing the little things that can so easily be overlooked while everyone is rushing, to gain a possible minute, to reach their intended destination. Slow down everyone and notice those little gemstones in our town…

  5. Michelle Cardello

    I know I saw!!!! Your not crazy!

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  6. She’s lovely.

  7. Trish Lawrence

    My, she looks quite yar. I used to live back there when my kids were little and we taught them the saying,”Red sun at night sailors delight. Red sun in the morning sailors take warning, but our kids learned when Gloria was parked behind our house a real storm was brewing and to stay out of the water. So nice to ee her looking festive!

  8. Charlie Taylor

    The kindness of strangersSent from Xfinity Mobile App

  9. Julie Van Norden

    I love seeing Gloria on my morning walks. I’ve taken many pictures of her. I’ll have to go down one night to see her lit up!

  10. Wendy Crowther

    So simple, and so lovely. Thank you, Jaimie and Dan.

  11. The real Gloria was my first yoga instructor and she would have loved this as well. They are both missed by many.

  12. Both Alan and Gloria would have loved this. I’ll tell Robert Baxter to go and see it….

  13. Love that magic!

  14. Gloria and Alan were quite something in their heyday. I remember them fondly. The “white lights” are a wonderful tribute to the pair.

  15. Juliana Sloane Fulbright

    It’s beautiful, I think I know who is doing it too, but we will keep it secret. I had Gloria for Yoga too and Alan and I were friends since I was 19. We still miss him!

  16. Hi Dan, I found this blog serendipitously when I happened to do my own research on the melancholy yet captivating Gloria. It was the second time I spotted her, the first being after dropping my sons at the skating rink a few weeks back. Yesterday, I decided to take a drive over to Longshore once again as it was a mild day. Although I am now in Weston, I grew up on Long Island and always find the water therapeutic. I slowed down to take a closer look and was haunted by the abandoned boat which sat so silently amid the graying leaves. Returning home I did a search and discovered your post. A beautiful story. I also love that the boat for now remains and love the spirit of the anonymous Christmas light stringer. Wonder if Gloria ever knew she was his muse?