“High School That Rocked” Plans An Encore

It’s always fun to discover a “sleeper” film hit.

But it’s never fun to get turned away.

The Westport Cinema Initiative and Westport Historical Society were stunned last month, when the Town Hall auditorium proved too small for the throngs that wanted to see “The High School That Rocked!”

That’s the documentary chronicling the amazing period in the 1960s when bands like the Doors, Cream, Yardbirds and Rascals played at Staples High School.

Ginger Baker, Cream’s drummer, at Staples. (Photo copyright Jeremy Ross)

So the WCI and WHS are doing what any good promoters should: They’ve added another showing.

The film will be screened again on Saturday, August 26 (5 p.m., Westport Historical Society). A talkback follows, with the movie’s producer Fred Cantor, and filmmaker Doug Tirola. Both are Westport residents.

There’s limited space, so tickets must be ordered in advance (click here for the direct link). The cost is $10 — and includes free popcorn.

That’s a great bargain — even if it is $7.50 more than it cost to see those great concerts, back when Staples High School really rocked.

11 responses to ““High School That Rocked” Plans An Encore

  1. Tamera Leichter

    You posted this am, went to purchase and are all sold out AGAIN?
    WTF. Thank gosh the promoters of yesteryear aren’t doing numbers today….ouch!

  2. Hey Dan,
    Just checked using the link.
    The event is already sold out.
    Need to get another showing or two scheduled.
    Also, too bad it’s sold out as there is an Alumni
    Gathering that weekend for Staples classes ’66 – ’72
    To raise money for the Staples Tuition Grant program.
    The gathering is titled “Party Like Its 1969″. In honor of ” The High School that Rocked”
    While 66 – 72 are mentioned, all Staples Alumni are invited. Bob Kelly and Mary Gai are the current contacts for the event. Time to schedule more showings!! Maybe set up a huge screen at Compo!! Now that would be a party!!!

  3. Michele Coppotelli Solis

    Dan, for those of us Stapleites not in Westport….please let us know when this documentary is released in America! Thanks

    • Michele, we are still, in essence, on the film festival circuit and are waiting to hear from several festivals that run in the fall. After that, we will definitely be looking to do public distribution and have begun the process of exploring those options. Thanks for your interest.

      Tommy, I had alerted Staples alums (and others in the area) re the encore screening by the WCI and the WHS via the Staples Alumni FB page and the Exit 18 FB page, (in addition to the official FB page for “The High School That Rocked!) The film will come back to Westport at some point down the road. Thanks.

  4. I wish we could just buy it on DVD 🙂 We are out in California…I would love to be able to watch it whenever I wanted and whenever I needed to prove to the doubters that YES those groups did play at my highschool !

  5. Sean P. Doyle

    They must move the Venue to the Town Hall Auditorium… the venue at Historical Society sold out in less than 2 hrs from your post…. Amazing

    • Sean, the tickets went on sale a little over a week ago. But it was my idea to do the encore screening at the WHS since, among other reasons, it is home to the exhibit on the concerts. As I said above, we plan to bring it back to Westport down the road (after the film festivals are over). Thanks.

      • Cool. Just saw 06880 post this morning. Missed the other notification. Sister Liz came down from Maine to see first screening. I was not available to go. Keep up the Great Work Fred. Cheers!

        • Vanessa Bradford

          Sounds like a larger venue like Westport Country Playhouse is required for future screenings. And most of us from that era used to drink at Players Tavern and rock on!

  6. Stacie Curran

    Any waitlist? Thanks.