Proof That There Really Aren’t Enough Parking Spaces At Compo

Yesterday evening, this was the scene at the Compo Beach boat launch:

With the BMW parked right — a foot or two next to the very clear “No Parking” sign — there’s no telling how many boaters were inconvenienced.

But hey. That’s their problem, right?

13 responses to “Proof That There Really Aren’t Enough Parking Spaces At Compo

  1. Rozanne Gates

    And there seems to be an upswing in drivers running red lights and not stopping at STOP signs. Is there any way to report these happenings to the police?

  2. This has been going on for many years and the Parks & Rec can’t seem to take it seriously enough to actually solve this relatively easy problem. Entering the beach the other day, I could barely make out the sign that said day visitors should go around to the other side of the sign to enter. Of course, the visitor is already in the wrong lane and has to have a discussion with the attendant to be told to make a U-turn and go around again. And the sign … well, it’s not in bold black letters on the approach to the entrance, so who can read it before they get to it? The entrance … still at the same place so many years into this problem. There should be one entrance in by the docks and on entrance out where the current two-way entrance/exit is. After all the extensive work that has been recently done, it certainly would have been wise to resolve this problem with a new entrance. Nope. Wisdom is not on the list of priorities. But greed is. And it has overcome Westport in its effort to accumulate beach fees made obvious by the multiple layers of parking and rampant violation of traffic signs at the beach.

  3. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Release the parking brake, a little shove and…..Voila!!!

  4. Rhonda Williams

    I agree with Eric

  5. Cathy Romano

    Why doesn’t parks and rec just have those without beach stickers only use the Soundview Lot. Put up a sign and have staff directing. There are 3 staff working at the entrance and one more at the Soundview Lot.

  6. Hey Dan!

    Any idea what happened to the Humpback off Campo last week? Did she make it out of the sound?



  7. Back in the days when there was a Police Officer (and I was that cop for several years) assigned to Compo Beach (and Longshore and Old Mill) these things didn’t happen. That particular ramp is just a thin layer of asphalt and is only designed for hand trailers, no vehicles. I have wondered why there is no longer an officer dedicated to the beach area.