Pic Of The Day #105

American flags fly on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

12 responses to “Pic Of The Day #105

  1. Wouldn’t Westport/Fairfield based seasonal banners have more interest?

    • Dan’s answer is properly definitive. The tradition of flying flags of the United States on Ruth Steinkraus Bridge (joined by the flags of other UN nations on jUNe day) is beautiful and bi-partisan – sorely needed now more than ever.

      Westport DOES have many other locations in the downtown area, on both sides of the bridge along the Post Road and on Main street, to fly seasonal flags and banners, touting Westport’s attractions or special events (you’ve been gone a long time Nancy, perhaps you have missed the huge banners that frequently flies across Main Street touting a major upcoming event.

  2. I have only lived in Westport for 6 years (from Atlanta, GA), and my very FAVORITE thing about the entire town of Westport is the American flags flying proudly on the bridge! It is so quintesential New England and so patriotic flying over the water! I smile every time I cross the bridge! When people come to visit me from out of town, they ALWAYS say, “Oh I love the American flags over the water!”
    I am always a little sad when they take them down for winter.

  3. Fine. I will, in future, refer to Westport only as “Treegap”.

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