Final Court Denies Wilton Road Affordable Housing Appeal

The corner of Wilton Road and Kings Highway North will not become clogged with traffic. The fire department will not have to worry about access to a potentially dangerous site. The Saugatuck River wetlands are safe.

Those are 3 direct consequences of a judicial decision, announced today by Westport town attorney Ira Bloom.

Connecticut’s Appellate Court has denied a petition by Garden Homes. The Stamford-based developer contested a May decision in Hartford Superior Court that dismissed their appeal of a unanimous decision by Westport’s Planning & Zoning Commission. In February 2016, the board denied Garden Homes’ application to build a 6-story, 48-unit apartment complex on one of the busiest, most environmentally sensitive corners of Westport.

The Superior Court judge’s decision noted grave concerns about safety, and damage to wetlands adjacent to the 1.16-acre parcel at 122 Wilton Road.

“I am very pleased with this decision from the Appellate Court,” Bloom said.  “The Trial Court’s decision upholding our denial of this application now stands.  The Planning & Zoning Commission, its staff, First Selectman Jim Marpe,  our consultants, and all the citizens who participated in the hearing deserve our thanks.”

122 Wilton Road — site of the proposed 6-story, 48-unit apartment building — sits at the corner of Kings Highway North. The property abuts the Taylortown Salt Marsh.

15 responses to “Final Court Denies Wilton Road Affordable Housing Appeal

  1. Adam Schwartz

    I used to live at 180 Wilton Road, the first house north of Fort Apache. Just looked at Google Maps and it appears they mansionized my old house. Only lived there a short time but great memories walking down to the river and swimming. The current is fast at that point though. Great backyard view of the dam and whatever else was back there. Thank G-d this project was squashed. That whole area is beautiful and most people don’t know about it due to little access there is from the Wilton Road side.

  2. Even if I don’t live in Westport anymore, I am glad to hear this. I grew up on Edgehill Ln. and walked into town over the King’s Hwy bridge. I always loved seeing all the birds and beautiful scenery along the way. Having a big building there would have been sad, so happy to hear the view will be preserved.

  3. Michael Calise

    Good News!
    Just another example of the potential destructiveness of the affordable housing concept.

  4. Nancy Hunter

    Good idea, wrong site? Akin to the muddled healthcare debate, debate, debate… Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait —

    • Michael Calise

      four story building – people packed in like sardines – good idea??

      • Nancy Hunter

        Perhaps one doesn’t know anyone who lives, or wants to live, in affordable housing? Hardly like sardines, rather luxury compared to “living” in a car.
        A lot of very talented and educated people around you sometimes need a hand. Or, maybe you just can’t see them, or maybe prefer not to?

        • Petra Krause

          No, Nancy. As usual, you don’t get it (which isn’t a surprise given that you moved from Westport what–40 years ago? It’s amazing that you feel compelled to comment on every single 06890 post yet haven’t lived here in decades.). This was a dangerous possibility. One that would have grossly increased traffic, and put its residents and our firefighters at peril. (Have you navigated this intersection at rush hour recently? No, of course you haven’t. Did you read about the height restrictions as compared to the FD’s capabilities? Hmm.) Please stop guessing what today’s Westport is thinking and feeling. Per usual, you’re way off course.

  5. Eric Pearson

    Isn’t that where the old Bolton school used to be?

  6. Jamie Walsh

    This is the right decision given the poor location selected.

  7. Bonnie Bradley

    The Bolton School was located on the north east corner of Wilton Road and Kings Highway – later the location of “Fort Apache.” The school property ran down to the river on the north side of the bridge – don’t remember any salt marsh there, just on the other side (south) of the bridge.

  8. But doesn’t Garden Homes still own that piece of land? What are they going to do with it now? This story isn’t finished yet.

  9. Don L. Bergmann

    Compliments should go to the Westport Planing & Zoning Commission for their diligence and hard work that led to this successful defeat of a misdirected and terribly located 8-30g project. Compliments should also be extended to our Town Attorney, Ira Bloom, and his team. All presented the applicable legal position of the Town with skill and an appropriate level of aggressiveness. The fact that an Appeal was not permitted confirmed the fine work of Ira and his legal team. Thanks to all who worked to achieve this outcome.
    Don Bergmann

  10. Susan Hopkins

    Appropriate ruling. Well-intentioned, wrong location.

  11. I’m so glad for that decision. We are still reminded of that huge office building hanging over Wilton Road