“Post Road Hero” Sequel: Daily News Coverage; GoFundMe Campaign

“06880” and WestportNow readers have responded strongly — and generously — to the story of Aaron Tucker.

The 32-year-old halfway house resident sacrificed his dress shirt — and a chance at a job interview — to help save the victim of Wednesday’s horrific Post Road automobile accident.

Now, millions more people will know about Tucker. The New York Daily News just published a big story about his heroics.

It includes this great quotes from Tucker:

Aaron Tucker (Photo courtesy of WestportNow.com)

“It didn’t go through my head, because a job can come and go, but a life is only one time. The only thing running through my head is that person in the car could pass away and I could help him.”

And this, about the outpouring of support from Westporters: “I just want everybody to know it’s not about what people could do for me. It’s just about me saving his life,” he said.

His story — including his desire to move on from a weapons conviction, and to support his 21-month-old son — clearly resonates.

The Daily News reports that a GoFundMe “thank you” page has set up to help Tucker.

In just 13 hours — as of 7 a.m. today — it already raised over $5,000.

(Click here for the GoFundMe page. Hat tip: Adam Goldberg)

3 responses to ““Post Road Hero” Sequel: Daily News Coverage; GoFundMe Campaign

  1. Bobbi Essagof

    I love the Go Fund Me page but I was hoping to read about jobs /interview offers. If I had one to give I would certainly want such a selfless young man working for me. I believe he said he’s looking for construction ,landscaping or anything. We have lots of that here!

  2. The GoFundMe page reports over $45,000 in donations to date–an outpouring of support for Mr. Tucker. Thank you, Dan, for making me aware of this situation and so many others.