Westport Needs Allyson Maida

Years ago — when her daughter was in middle school — Allyson Maida heard about a girl who spotted a classmate wearing a sweater the first girl owned.

Her mother had donated it to a charity, which then gave it to needy families.

When she learned that the needy girl lived in Westport, the mother told her daughter not to hang out with her. The girl told classmates too that they shouldn’t be friends with a poor girl.

That story was a defining moment in Maida’s life.

Allyson Maida

Another one came when Maida — a longtime Westport psychotherapist — heard of a mother here who faced an agonizing decision: If she invited a few of her daughter’s friends over for a small birthday celebration, the family would have to skimp on food all week.

“Stories like that rocked my world,” Maida says.

When she became president of the local chapter of Business Networking International, she asked the organization to help.

“There are homeless kids in Westport,” she told the members. “They deserve your best.”

“People were astounded,” she says, recalling the reaction. “The perception is that there’s little to no need. But there are parents here work really hard to make ends meet. They just can’t.”

Maida knew that federal, state and town programs help. She was familiar with foundations, grants, and organizations like Homes With Hope. All do great work.

But they can’t cover everything. Maida’s goal was to provide discretionary funds for things no one else did. Like a cake for a birthday party. A fidget toy. Lessons or tutors, the same as wealthy kids get.

“All we want is for every kid to feel part of the community. They should enjoy childhood,” Maida says. “And hopefully we can lessen their parents’ stress too.”

Tomorrow (Saturday, July 15, 2 p.m.), BNI hosts a “Chill Out, Grill Out and Give” event at Greens Farms Elementary School. Everyone brings their own balls, frisbees, food and drinks (grills are provided). The $10 per person entry fee will help fund Maida’s project, aiding children served through Homes With Hope.

Response from organizations like the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Clubs and Westport Woman’s Club has been excellent.

“This is about more than asking for money,” Maida says. “We want people to show up. We need to raise awareness.”

But Maida has asked for money too. She went door to door, seeking funds from local businesses.

The reaction stunned her.

The first place — Earth Animal — opened the cash register, and gave her $20.

So did UPS next door.

Party Harty and Colonial Druggists did the same, without batting an eye.

Then she tried Fresh Market. That’s a national store — not a mom-and-pop, or locally owned franchise.

The manager heard her pitch. He handed her a water. Then he gave her $20 too.

“That’s Westport,” Maida says gratefully.

So — unfortunately — is real need. Most of us never see it.

Allyson Maida does. And she’s doing what she can to help.

(Tickets are available on site for tomorrow’s event. Children under 12 are free. For more information, email allyson@allysonmaida.com. The organizing committee includes Ernie Addario of Phillip Bruce Salon; Bill Hall of Kaiser-Battistone/Wind River Environmental; David Katz of Acsia Partners; Brian Gmelin of Paychex; Mark Moeller of The Recipe of Success, and John Clapps of Brand24.)



8 responses to “Westport Needs Allyson Maida

  1. As the President of Westport Sunrise Rotary, I never received any information about this event from Allyson or from anyone in the BNI Westport. Ron Holtz. 203-993-4970

    • Allyson Maida

      I will follow up on this. Thanks for posting. I will contact you directly. There must be a miscommunication. Allyson

  2. Peter Flatow

    Dan, do you what time is the event tomorrow? And if we can’t make the event where can we contribute?

  3. Lori Winthrop Dockser

    Bravo Allyson !!!

  4. Rindy Higgins

    As a substitute teacher in town, I am aware that there are kids in need: the teen whose family can’t afford internet and is challenged in doing assignments, the child whose family doesn’t have a car and can’t take her to school for extra help sessions or after school ( after bus) activities, the kid who doesn’t have a laptop at home or extra sneakers to wear to a beach exploration field trip. Thank you, Allyson, for taking this on.

  5. Shira Honigstein

    Yes so great!


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  6. Allyson Maida

    Dan, thank you for this amazing coverage. You have helped us to meet one of our goals already. You have helped to make people aware. There is long term success in awareness. People are also contacting me to donate. Again, this is what makes Westport the place that it is. The response has been heartwarming, to say the least.

    Thank you to everyone that has commented and/or contacted me directly. Your words are encouraging and we are that much more inspired to make this happen. Please join us if you can.

    “I would like to thank the academy…” because this would not have happened without the incredible support and concern of The Westport BNI members. Hats off to the businesses that are active members within this special community that so many call home.