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“Post Road Hero” Sequel: Daily News Coverage; GoFundMe Campaign

“06880” and WestportNow readers have responded strongly — and generously — to the story of Aaron Tucker.

The 32-year-old halfway house resident sacrificed his dress shirt — and a chance at a job interview — to help save the victim of Wednesday’s horrific Post Road automobile accident.

Now, millions more people will know about Tucker. The New York Daily News just published a big story about his heroics.

It includes this great quotes from Tucker:

Aaron Tucker (Photo courtesy of WestportNow.com)

“It didn’t go through my head, because a job can come and go, but a life is only one time. The only thing running through my head is that person in the car could pass away and I could help him.”

And this, about the outpouring of support from Westporters: “I just want everybody to know it’s not about what people could do for me. It’s just about me saving his life,” he said.

His story — including his desire to move on from a weapons conviction, and to support his 21-month-old son — clearly resonates.

The Daily News reports that a GoFundMe “thank you” page has set up to help Tucker.

In just 13 hours — as of 7 a.m. today — it already raised over $5,000.

(Click here for the GoFundMe page. Hat tip: Adam Goldberg)

Honoring A Post Road Hero

Yesterday’s Post Road car crash near Stop & Shop was harrowing.

It was also heroic.

As first reported by WestportNow in a compelling story, several people from Vautrin Auto Service rushed to help.

So did Aaron Tucker.

The 32-year-old  was on a bus from Bridgeport to Norwalk, for a job interview. The driver said he’d leave him there. But, Tucker told WestportNow, “I had to do what I had to do.”

He took off a new dress shirt, and used it as a tourniquet. He also turned off the ignition, preventing a possible fire.

Tucker gave up a lot by sacrificing his shirt — and his job interview.

Aaron Tucker (Photo courtesy of WestportNow.com)

WestportNow said that he lives in a Isaiah House in Bridgeport — a halfway facility — after spending 22 months in prison on a weapons charge. When he helped save the accident victim’s life, he had just $1.75 in his pocket. He also has a 21-month-old son.

“I’m determined to change my life,” he told WestportNow. “I just want to support my son and his mother,” Tucker said.

He added, “I’m looking for any kind of job –- construction worker, landscaper, restaurant worker. I’ll do a good job.”

WestportNow editor Gordon Joseloff got these quotes — and got to know Tucker — as Joseloff gave him a ride back to Bridgeport.

Tucker worried that he would be unable to vouch to his halfway house supervisors for missing the Norwalk job interview — or explain how he lost his new shirt.

When Joseloff explained to the supervisors what happened, one told Tucker, “you did God’s work.”

WestportNow posted that job offers or financial assistance could be sent to editor@westportnow.com, for forwarding to Tucker.

Today, town groups jumped in to help too.

Kami Naraghi Evans reports that contributions — money, clothes, toys for his Tucker’s son, whatever — can be dropped off starting tomorrow (Friday) evening at the Westport Arts Center (51 Riverside Avenue), and at the Christ & Holy Trinity Church office (Myrtle Avenue and Church Lane), from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

WestportNow reported today that Tucker is headed to the Trumbull Mall, to pick up job applications.

Let’s hope he puts “life saver” as one of his skills.