Post Road Remains Closed Near Southport

The Post Road has been since 11:30 a.m., between Maple Avenue and Bulkley. Police are investigating a serious motor vehicle accident, with injuries.

(Photo/Seth Goltzer)

That’s right. This happened on a clear Wednesday morning, with presumably moderate traffic.

It’s one more reminder of the speed and lack of attention with which too many people drive around here.

It also could have been a medical emergency.

Be careful out there.

14 responses to “Post Road Remains Closed Near Southport

  1. Jan Scaglia

    Same spot on Monday had a car accident. And it’s just about the same spot my parents where I am accident in November. What the heck!

  2. I don’t know what happened, above, and truly hope that the occupants of that care are OK. BUT, i want to start a campaign. Its called “Slow Down Westport”. (I would prefer to call it “Slow the F@#$ Down, Westport”, but my mom raised me better than that). I’m serious – this has GOT to stop. We can have a contest to design the logo, and I’ll get signs and bumper stickers printed up, and we can raise awareness — who’s with me?!!

  3. Dorian Barth

    Count me in Claudia! The speed and
    distraction are a danger to all of us and
    are not doing much for the quality of life
    here in Westport.

  4. Whitney D'Angelo

    I appreciate this post to alert your readers of why this section of the Post Road has been closed. I do not appreciate however, the tone of this post. If you are going to blame the “too many accidents around here” on “speed and lack of attention” I would rather you give facts as to what actually happened and close your post with “I hope no one was hurt.” There are many reasons for car accidents not just “speed and lack of attention.”

  5. Nathalie Fonteyne

    It is a very busy spot. Goodwilll but more importantly the tennis facility on one side. The little mall on the other with a nail salon, two restaurants and Gaétano which is is very popular for lunches. There is a lot of merging onto Post road at that spot.

  6. Allen Levenson

    To Nathalie’s point, when coming out of Goodwill, the Tennis Club, the office building next door (Freudigman and Billings), making a left turn onto the Post Road is very difficult. One can wait for a long time for an opening and have a tendency to want to get going particularly if someone is waiting behind you. Stop and Shop requires a right turn, but the other stores do not. Truthfully, making a left turn onto the Post Road is very difficult along that entire stretch. I remember my daughter tried to take a left coming out of the Mobil next to Barnes & Noble years ago, and the back of her car got clipped. I have no idea if this was the problem here, but I bet that is that cause of a good many accidents.

  7. Janette Kinnally

    Another reason a lot of accidents happen around here is the texting and driving. I got hit twice in one month by cars on North Ave and Easton Ave. Both times I believe the drivers were distracted when they hit me.

  8. Was there another car involved? How else could it have flipped over? I’m in that area a lot and see all kinds of illegal left turns out of stop & shop, texting, talking phone in hand….hope no one was seriously hurt!

  9. There have also been a couple of deaths of pedestrians in that area. It is a long distance between Bulkley and Maple and cars have a tendency to speed up. After the last fatality, there were a number of suggestions to put in a traffic light, but it never happened. I think it’s time to do it.

  10. Just read the Westport Now piece – that man is truly a hero. If i had a job to give, I’d give it to him, no matter what it was.