Unsung Hero #4

Most of us don’t know our trash collectors.

They arrive before we’re awake, or when we’re not home. If we do see them, we seldom interact.

But Bill Malone is special. According to Jo Ann Davidson — one of his 82 customers at Harvest Commons — he takes care of everyone, in all kinds of weather.

“He is always cheerful and helpful,” she says. “He lets us know if the holidays change the schedule. A real pro.”

Also on the Harvest Commons route is Bill’s now retired 1st grade teacher, Jane Fraser. She is proud of all her former students — especially her recycler, Bill Malone.

In fact, we all are!

Bill Malone

14 responses to “Unsung Hero #4

  1. Bill is the Greatest! I am the president of a small homeowners association in Westport & we have been using Cousins Carting’s services for more than 22 years. The man is the best & the most reliable contractor we have ever employed. He has never missed a day and there has never been a piece of garbage left after he’s finished. I can’t say enough good things about Bill.

    • Audrey Hertzel

      I, too, am the president of a small homneowners association in Westport and we have been using Cousin’s Carting for almost 30 years! Bill is the friendliest, kindest (and always smiling) contractor anyone could ever hire! He’s the absolute best! Thanks for all you do for us, Bill! –Bill, I have more pickles for you! 🙂

  2. I realized that I had thrown away a piece of paper that I needed. I remembered the “handled” bag it was in, looked at the clock on my dashboard and knew that I would be lucky to get home in time before Bill’s pick-up. He was in my driveway! I jumped out of the car and described the bag….he jumped into the truck and started pulling out bags! Mine was found. I reached inside and found the paper I needed (waved it in the air) and we threw the rest of the bag back into the truck! He said that that was “one for the books”! My accountant and I were very happy!

  3. Diana Sawicki

    He is our refuse person too. We call him “the nice guy”.
    He is very helpful with a very positive attitude.
    He really deserves recognition, excelent customer care.

    Thank you Bill!

  4. Caryl Beatus


  5. Susan Iseman

    Always cheerful, always helpful.

  6. Michael Calise

    Congratulations Bill,
    The Malone family have and continue to be great contributors to our town.

  7. Lyne Kiedaisch

    We also have cousins carting. Not sure if he is our guy but for 20 years of incredible reliable service at 4:30 am! I agree they are unsung heros!

  8. Joyce Barnhart

    Yes – excellent service with a cheerful attitude while performing a very important service.

  9. I agree! Billy is terrific! Always a smile, helpful hand and sometimes a needed accommodation! Thank you for posting and letting me publically acknowledge what a great guy he is to us and the community!

  10. Bobbi Essagof

    Malone’s is the best. “Inherited” them from the previous homeowner, 28 years ago. Always receptive to any additional needs. Never had an issue in 28 years. They should be in CT magazines Best of..
    Thanks Malone’s

  11. I, too, agree! Bill and Cousins Carting are fabulous! As Peter Perry says, they’ve never missed a day and never even left behind a single piece of garbage.

  12. I’d like to recognize Patrick Navin of J&J Refuse, whose family business has been a part of our lives for many years. Superb service is a given, but Patrick’s thoughtfulness meant everything to us when our beloved cat was lost several weeks ago. He offered such wonderful support – stories of adventures with four-footed family members to joining our search (combing the streets and following my husband under a neighbor’s house). Leo is thankfully home, and our very personal connection to Patrick will never be forgotten.

  13. Dan– You posted this story a week ago, so I don’t know if anyone will see this comment; but I wanted your readers to know that next to my empty garbage cans this morning I found a card from Bill thanking me for thanking him on your blog! As I said in my original, Bill is an amazing guy.