Mike Rea Suspends 1st Selectman Campaign

Jim Marpe’s route to re-election as first selectman just got easier.

Last night, Mike Rea announced he was suspending his potential run for the town’s top post.

The vice chair of the Board of Finance formed an exploratory committee in March.

Now, he says, business commitments prevent him from dedicating the time to the effort. Rea serves as vice president of corporate services and global real estate for Gen Re.

Mike Rea (left) after his first Board of Finance victory. On the right is current 2nd selectman Avi Kaner.

Rea notes that he was “overwhelmed with the support and encouragement from Westporters across the political spectrum.” He looks forward to serving out his finance board term.

The lifelong Westport resident, 1970 Staples High School graduate and 35-year volunteer in town government believes that the challenges Westport faces today “require new thinking. The state of Connecticut has thrust financial issues upon Westport. Residents should and are expecting more, requiring new creative thinking from our town leaders.”

He adds, “This is a good time for new and younger people to step forward and volunteer to serve our community. Contact the political party of your choice and sign up to run for office. Westport is counting on you.”

8 responses to “Mike Rea Suspends 1st Selectman Campaign

  1. Michael Calise

    Congratulations Mike on a wise decision. Your service and expertise on the Board of Finance is critical to current needs and future planning.

  2. Sal Liccione

    I think mike has been doing great for the town off westport he would have a made a great first selectman as someone that does no him I also think jim Marpe and Jen tooker and avi kaner. And ms Kane should sit and meet with him me and him my disagree. About stuff mike is rely rely smart it’s the town off westport loss but we have him on the board off finance we are ok I think the dems should talk to him to

  3. I have always appreciated Mike as a moderate Republican who is willing to do bi-partisan work for the good of our town. I hope he continues to serve on the Board of Finance.

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Mike has contributed his entire life and that will never change.

  5. Jamie Walsh

    Mike is a strong and dedicated individual who I have had the pleasure of watching from the sidelines. He and his brilliant wife Carla’s continual contribution to the betterment of Westport shows this family understands the needs of this community and supporting Jim Marpe in his run for reelection and his continued commitment that this town remains strong fiscally and as a whole is what counts.

  6. Kathy Calise

    Sorry to hear that but maybe in the future?

  7. Westport is lucky to have Mike Rae. Always putting the good of the community first on all issues. Mike has never been, and will never be one to be afraid to stick his neck out on important issues. He always lets you know where he stands and why. Thank you Mike for all you and Carla do for our community and your continued public service.

  8. Michael Rea

    Thank you all for your kind comments.