Mike Rea Explores A First Selectman Run

Growing up on Evergreen Avenue, Mike Rea attended almost-in-his-back yard Bedford Elementary School.

His alma mater now serves as Town Hall. And Rea is trying to figure out whether he wants to work there full time.

He’s done many things since graduating from Staples High School in 1970. Rea helped found Festival Italiano, was a Parks and Recreation Commission chair, headed the Bedford Middle School building project, spent 12 years on the RTM, and now serves as vice chair of the Board of Finance.

He’s formed a committee to explore a run for first selectman. If he enters the race, he’ll challenge incumbent and fellow Republican Jim Marpe.

“For years, people have asked me to run,” Rea says. “I owe it to myself to see if the interest is out there now.”

Mike Rea (left) after his first Board of Finance victory. On the right is current 2nd selectman Avi Kaner.

A Bronx native who came to Westport at age 4, Rea has long been active in town. Soon after his Staples graduation, he opened Mr. Sandwich — a popular lunchtime restaurant — on Bay Street.

He attended Norwalk Community College at night. He married Carla, spent a brief time in real estate, and for the past 34 years has worked for Gen Re. He’s currently vice president of corporate services and global real estate.

His first political activism came before he was a teenager — for the Democrats. “Thelma Ezzes and Ruth Soloway got me to sell tickets for a JFK memorial concert,” he recalls. “Thelma always said I slipped through Democratic fingers.”

He later joined the Young Republicans, and became state national committeeman. He chaired the Republican Town Committee, and was a 2-time John McCain delegate at national conventions.

Mike Rea at the 1978 Republican state convention. In the background is longtime political leader Ed Capasse.

When Rea’s sons Michael and Alex were young, an earthquake devastated Italy. Rea was part of a Westport group that raised $250,000 to help, then brought 21 youngsters and their mayor from a small town to Westport.

The Sons of Italy rose from that group. They sponsored the Italian Festival, a summertime Saugatuck staple for over 25 years.

Mike Rea (left) with the Sons of Italy group, at an early Festival Italiano.

When his boys played sports, Rea got involved in a project to build more athletic fields. First Selectman Doug Wood appointed him to the Parks and Recreation Commission. Wood’s successor Joe Arcudi named Rea chair.

Under his direction, Parks and Rec helped develop Wakeman Park, renovated Ned Dimes Marina and brought a skating rink to Longshore.

Gene Cederbaum — a Democratic Board of Education member — recruited Rea to head up the Bedford Middle School building project. Rea and his group — including “fantastic volunteers” like Russ Blair, Howard Lathrop and Joe Renzulli — “brought new construction techniques and accounting principles, and combined them with state and local educational specs and budgets,” to produce a handsome school on a former Nike missile base.

Rea is proud that another Democrat — Wally Meyer — called him “Mr. On Time and Under Budget.”

In his 6 terms on the RTM, Rea chaired the Finance and Environmental Committees, and served on the Ethics Committee. “I really enjoyed the give-and-take from ‘the citizens’ podium,'” he says.

Mike and Carla Rea (2nd and 3rd from right), with their children and granddaughter.

He left the RTM to run for Board of Finance. Rea was elected twice, in 2011 and 2015, when he was the top Republican vote-getter in town.

So why might he challenge a fellow party member for the top spot?

“Why not?” he replies. “I wouldn’t run against Jim. I’d be running for Westport, and myself.”

His exploratory committee will examine whether issues like the condition of the beach, and finance and planning, are areas he could address.

“I’m a business guy, a facilitator, a project manager,” Rea says. “That’s my wheelhouse. It’s not a question of bad management now. It’s a question of, could I do better? When you commit large sums of expenditures to education, parks facilities and public works, you have to make sure you’re doing it right.”

Rea calls Marpe “a very capable, nice, down-to-earth guy. I really like him. He’s not doing the job wrong. I just think with my years in public service, and my skill set that augments the first selectman’s job, I might do better.”

Rea also says he’s friendly with Jonathan Steinberg, the Democratic state representative who is exploring his own run for first selectman.

Rea concludes, “I like people. I love Westport. I think I’d be good for the town. This is just the first step on a journey.”

That journey started decades ago at Bedford Elementary School on Myrtle Avenue. It may wind its way back there, in November.

(Tomorrow: Jim Marpe talks about his campaign for re-election.)

12 responses to “Mike Rea Explores A First Selectman Run

  1. Mr Sandwich softball team…hit a home run/ get a free sandwich. Nobody ever stopped at 3rd base! Mike would be a great 1st selectman!!!

  2. William Adler

    I was in those Bedford Elementary classrooms with Mike… he’s Westport through and through and is always looking to serve – great guy !!!

  3. He is a guy that even the staunchest Democrats could vote for! A class act who is smart, caring and thoughtful.

  4. Eric Buchroeder SHS '70

    I’ve known Mike since 7th grade. I used to walk home with him after football practice at BJHS. He is, and always has been, a stand-up guy of the 1st order. I regret no longer living in Westport because I would be out and about supporting his cause and the town by supporting him. Mike will deliver leadership, integrity and most of all personal warmth and love for our hometown as its 1st Selectman.

  5. run pisan you got my vote and while your doing it bring back the festival italano

  6. Tom Feeley Sr

    A smart straight shooter and a really great guy. Teriffic choice.

  7. The best thing for the political process is competitive capabilities. With the State of Connecticut increasing it’s debt and the realities facing Westport, Mike has over 25 years experience insuring our tax dollars are spent efficiently in all areas of the town budget. Mike represents all of us through his countless hours volunteering his time and expertise to the town he loves. There are so many qualities that make our town the place we choose to live. Michael Rea is one of them.

  8. Sherri Wolfgang-Peyser

    Michael Rea came from a wonderful family. I knew his Mother Florie, his sister Louise, and brother Jack Rea. I miss them all… A terrific Westport family goes back many decades. ❤

  9. Kendall Gardiner

    HOW EXCITING !!! Great write up. Congratulations to both of you. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ❤❤❤ Love, Kendall

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  10. This is what I hope competition in next USA presidential election sounds like (between Cuomo and Trump, I’m guessing), So much easier to discern what you are actually voting on when there isn’t any rhetoric clouding candidates actual positions/strategies on issues (Susan Farley)

  11. Kathy Calise

    you have my vote without a doubt