Pop-Up Pyrotechnics

Westport has welcomed pop-up outdoor dining.

A pop-up Halloween shop.

Now — just in time for July 4th — we’ve got a pop-up fireworks stand.

It popped up in the parking lot of the Rio Bravo/Julian’s shopping center — the one near Maple Avenue that was once anchored by Pier 1.

Of course, this being Connecticut, you can’t get the real, big, honest-to-goodness finger-losers here — not in the parking lot, or anywhere else in the state.

For those, you have to go to Pennsylvania.

You know: the Keystone State.

14 responses to “Pop-Up Pyrotechnics

  1. Jonathan Berg

    and if you want to scare the crap out of my dog, go ahead and buy them

    • Jamie Walsh

      Well at least your dog cannot be on the beach at Compo when the main event happens!

  2. Jamie Walsh

    Unfortunately Dan, you can lose your fingers…even with these non event πŸ’₯! Why, because common sense and safe deployment and use of fireworks has become a thing of the past. The Darwin Society has a field day especially at this time of the year. People set them off in dry fields and wonder why the whole place goes up in flames….people stick their face in the “tubes” or pick up the fireworks when they think they have a dud. Oh, let’s light that off and then throw it!!…how cool… just stupid and Darwinism at its finest hour. Why can’t we just exercise a little common sense and proper supervision when playing with things that go “BANG!”

    • Nancy Hunter

      So true, Jamie… plus, a wheelbarrow filled with sand is the best launch pad to use.
      Have a safe, and enjoyable Fourth, and if you’re visiting for our 150th we might pass by each other and never know… !

      • Jamie Walsh

        Happy 150th Anniversary to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ and enjoy your celebration! Like the wheelbarrow concept! Safe and fun!

  3. John Krause

    Stuff that goes bang or flies in the air Might get you a visit from the charming people in Blue, too…
    I grew-up in the days when you could get M-80’s and Cherry Bombs, too. And strings of firecrackers at Mattys convenience store on the post road.
    (Across from what was then Barkers)
    Dumb has spread like wildfire since then… So the current laws are kind-of a sad necessity.
    (Also watched the show from under a tarp at Compo one year… No dang rain was gonna stop the 4th!)

  4. Adam Schwartz

    That’s one of a few good reasons for living in Los Angeles. Mexico is only 2 hours away. It’s a free for all down there, 365 days a year. Go to any tourist gift shop and you can purchase anything your heart desires. Chinese, American or Mexican. I like the M-1000s and the 6 foot bottle rockets. Yes, 6 feet long! They look just like your standard 4th of July giant flowers when they go off and a boom that can be heard for miles. Just visit any beach south of the border, any weekend of the year and you get to relive the 4th all over again! But be careful with the Mexican made fireworks. For some strange reason the Mexicans use extremely short fuses. Like 1/2″ on most M-1000s and even the huge bottle rockets. It’s weird!

    • John Krause

      Fuse material must be expensive… Or, someone has a strong lobby for looong matches πŸ˜‰

  5. Chip Stephens. Staples 73

    As the great philosopher Jimmy Buffett sang “there ain’t no dumbass vaccine”
    believe it’s called thinning the herd or strengthening the gene pool
    Just saying

  6. Craig Clark

    NH is closer for good fireworks

  7. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    When my kids were little it was the sparklers that scared me the most few things hotter other than napalm or white phosphorous.. Does the 2nd Amendment apply to fireworks or something?