Pic Of The Day #73

Last night’s sunset, featuring the Compo palm tree — Westport’s newest icon. (Photo/Dave Dellinger)

13 responses to “Pic Of The Day #73

  1. Merde.

  2. Just love that palm tree! Gives Compo character!

  3. The Lorax would be proud.

  4. Dorothy Abrams

    That’s a beauty.

  5. Mary Cookman Schmerker '58

    Amazing picture. The Palm tree is a gem. Love the reflection……

  6. Melissa Wilson

    FYI, this photo was taken by Dave Dellinger, not Hummock Island. Please update…

  7. Michele Smolen

    How breathtaking. A little bit of California in beautiful Westport! Michele Smolen

  8. Michael Calise

    Someone has installed a sign at that point just before the palm: >> “PALM BEACH” >>>

  9. That little palm tree is the most talked about and photographed Westport landmark for the summer- Yay for the fun spirit it has swirling around it – Who knew a tree could create so much joy.

  10. The Palm Tree with the ocean background made me think of the flag raising picture on Iwo Jima as if someone from the West Coast wanted to illustrate
    that we are indeed One Nation Under God in spite o f the distance between.I love sunset photo, or is it a sunrise?

  11. Best picture yet.

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