Pop-Up Goes The Restaurant

La Villa is one of the 1st Westport restaurants to install a newly legal pop-up outdoor dining area. The 5 tables are ready for action.

A new restaurant will soon appear in the old post office, across the street.

Will we see dueling pop-ups on Bay Street?

17 responses to “Pop-Up Goes The Restaurant

  1. These “pop-ups” around town seem more permanent than pop-up.

  2. Show me the money

    How does the town get in on the take on these pop-ups in terms of revenues? The town runs on property taxes, gets nothing directly from sales taxes and will have additional clean-up and policing from these outdoor operations. What can the Town do to get direct contributions to it’s heavily indebted coffers. Great idea but how do we tax it? We need to RAISE taxes to pay our debts and increase spending. Lets get creative here people! We need capture the revenues from the Easton & Weston visitors. They have to come to Westport – they have nothing commercial in their towns. It’s our charm, lets not be bashful, lets tax for the enjoyment of it.

    • Westport Convert

      Or simply cut the waste and reduce the spending. A novel idea these days, apparently.

    • The real estate taxes are secured by the profits of the establishments. If the stores were vacant it would be tough to collect real estate taxes.

      • Show me the money

        You must be a youngster. If the stores were empty the landlords would either lower the rent, to attract tennents, or sell the property. There is NO danger of landlords not paying their property taxes in Westport. Look at the statistics. Rents have been going straight up for more than 50 years. But then again, not everybody has been watching this for as long as I have…

        The current Town budget is out of proportion by a magnitude of ten compared to when I became “aware” of economics as a young man many decades ago. Trust me son, we need to raise taxes, and fast. We also need to retain the valuable Town employees we have. The cuts have been deadly to the Town’s ability to enforce anything.

    • Maybe we should charge an additional 20% VAT tax on people from Weston and Easton. Picture ID required for them to eat or buy anything in Westport!

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    In La Villas case there is more than enough room for them To pop up on the side walk… Why?!! In the street?! Now let’s talk about Aqua… Really a pop up in the parking lot??? you can have it!!

  4. Just saying

    Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t someone lose control of their car yesterday and crash into Greens farms liquors? And last week in another parking lot some one else hit a building. What is the liability to our town if someone ( god forbids) hits one of these ill approved pop up patios? As for me I will frequent the safe patios that have been around a long time.

    • They should be required to put Jersey Barriers around these pop-up eating areas for the safety of the patrons eating so close to busy roads / parking lots.

      The restaurants could paintthe barriers in colors/patterns that would let them blend in

    • Just saying

      Good point – Does the town allow pop-ups in front of the liquor stores?? jk

  5. Whats a pop top?

  6. your first outdoor restaurant? wow congrats. way behind.