Westport Climate Accord Protest Goes National

A few dozen folks stood downtown for half an hour Sunday evening. They held signs and sang “The Times They Are A-Changin’.” The goal was to draw local attention to President Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris Accord.

Now the entire nation can see them.

NPR illustrated this morning’s story about American mayors and businesses’ reactions to Trump with a large photo of the Westport protest.

The caption does not mention Westport specifically. It reads:

Connecticut residents at a rally for the environment against President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. Connecticut is one of twelve states and Puerto Rico that formed the U.S. Climate Alliance, all committing to uphold the Paris Accord.

But clearly our town — and state — have tapped into widespread anger. The story begins:

Days after President Trump announced that he would be pulling the U.S. out of a global agreement to fight climate change, more than 1,200 business leaders, mayors, governors and college presidents have signaled their personal commitment to the goal of reducing emissions.

In an open letter, the signatories vow to “continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement,” even “in the absence of leadership from Washington.”

Click here for the entire NPR piece.

43 responses to “Westport Climate Accord Protest Goes National

  1. Nancy Hunter

    Further to yesterday’s post, I’d like to add that according to the EPA the US electricity sector produces more than triple the green house gas emissions of the agricultural sector. So, US coal emits much more than US cows.

    But, it is a false comparison anyway. Natural gas is readily available and the same price alternative to coal that immediately reduces the green house gas emissions by half. There’s no such alternative with cattle.

    Coal should be phased out — it is wasteful, irresponsible and damaging to continue to use coal for power when the emissions can be readily avoided.

    • Russell Gontar

      Brace yourself. The climate change deniers will be responding shortly.

      • Nancy Hunter

        Maybe after they finish their cigarettes…

        • Russell Gontar

          Or after they get their “information” from FOX news//Breitbart/info wars/Alex jones/Rush L. Right now they’re probably convulsing over the NSA whistleblower. Or in their view, “leaker”.

          • Luciano Morelli

            She’s a bit off the rails. Check out her Social Media posts. Won’t be sad to see her behind bars. Calling her a whistleblower is way too complimentary.

            • Russell Gontar

              I see. Tell me which is worse. Whistleblowing, or deliberately hiding proof of the Russian attack on the election because it doesn’t fit the liar in chief’s lie that the Russian story is a hoax?

              • Luciano Morelli

                Why does it have to be a comparison? Problem in this thread and many others online is that people just talk to hear themselves, while not trying to really understand the other person’s view.

                Anyone that equates being white to terrorism gets discounted in my book.

                • Russell Gontar

                  Being white equates to terrorism? What are you talking about?

                  • Bob Stalling

                    Read the news Russell.

                  • Luciano Morelli

                    That is what this NSA leaker thinks. Bit of a nut case if you ask me. How does such a person that posts such stuff on social media get approved for access to classified information is beyond me.

                    • Russell Gontar

                      Yes, it’s almost as mysterious as Trump hiring Michael Flynn as national security advisor AFTER Sally Yates informed the White House that he was compromised by his work for Russia and could be blackmailed.

                • Nancy Hunter

                  Using “nut case” doesn’t help anyone understand a view.

    • Bob Stalling

      Hi Nancy,
      Just a few things about Cows and Coal:
      If you are talking about climate change, I would have to assume you are talking about the globe….and as you are aware, the U.S. doesn’t represent the globe
      I would also point out that if you are talking about “electricity” in the U.S., coal only powers about 30% of that…so your U.S. number is skewed. You should compare Cows to coal rather than Cows to electricity
      If you would like global numbers, I’m sure you can find them, but here is a start:

      • Nancy Hunter

        The US claims to represent the globe, and yet you dismiss your own EPA findings.

        • Bob Stalling

          You’re not making any sense. You brought up the EPA numbers (without linking to the page), I linked to global numbers.

          Perhaps you think Global Warming actually mean U.S. warming?

          And yes, I did notice you ignored the fact that “electricity” from coal in the U.S, accounts for only 30% of the electricity used.

          I also was nice enough not to bring up the fact that as of yesterday, you weren’t even aware that Cows were considered as an equation in the debate….

          A simple “Thanks Bob” would be sufficient.

          You’re welcome

          • Nancy Hunter

            It seems clear that I am referring to the US role. You don’t trust your own government agency numbers, then.

            • Bob Stalling

              It’s not a question of trust. It’s a question of logic and understanding…

              Why only yesterday, you had to have a talk with your Dog about it:
              “Well, I doubt any other creature than man is responsible for our planet’s warming. I’ll ask my dog”

              And now, you are conflating Cows role vs coals role to cow’s role vs electricity role. Did you get this from your Dog?

              Do you really believe all electricity comes from coal?

              If you don’t, why don’t you tell me what percent of electricity in the “U.S.” is from coal.

              Hint: I already told you.

              Again, you are welcome.

              • Nancy Hunter

                Too much electricity in the US still comes from coal! Wake up, Bob!
                BTW (not to be confused with LNG), I remember Ed Stalling was a really nice guy.

                • Bob Stalling

                  I remember a guy named Tim Hunter who was a nice guy and a good soccer player
                  So there, that settles it!

          • Matt Saltus

            Bob Stalling is my new hero. Keep it coming Bob, I support you 100%.

  2. Bruce Kent

    Now there’s a daily double for you! Russel Gontar & Nancy Hunter! Neither of whom has a clue that they and their fellow cult members are held in just as much contempt by us for the nonsense they believe and buy into, as we are by them for not falling in line and believing as they do.
    Thought the article was Paris Accord? BE SERIOUS! IT WAS A DOG SH*& AGREEMENT RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX: India didn’t have to take any steps in the agreement to reduce [carbon dioxide] emissions until they received $2.5 trillion in aid. China didn’t have to take any steps until the year 2030. The U.S. would have seen up to 400,000 jobs lost under the Paris Agreement and $2.5 trillion of [GDP] over ten years while China and India take no steps.

    • Nancy Hunter

      China and India are taking steps. Have you heard of LNG?

    • DFTT The Paris Accord was a hoax. Obama signed on with no input from Congress, the Accord was non-binding, no nation that signed on was obligated to do anything, and the net change in the trajectory of climate change would be trivial if all of the conditions were met.
      Dan’s post does reinforce the need to stop using tax dollars to fund NPR.

      • Russell Gontar

        Fact: NPR gets zero direct federal funding. Quota.com reports that “most the organization’s funding comes from member station fees, corporate sponsorships and individual donations, and foundation grants. About 2% (that is indeed a two) of NPR’s funding comes from a combination of the CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and a few competitive local, State, or national government grants, which – since they’re competitive – do not represent any sort of direct funding source”.

        The fake president wants to spend $1 TRILLION to “modernize” our nuclear arsenal. You want to cut taxes? Why don’t you start with that.

      • Nancy Hunter

        Well, then agree not to ask for help when left in the dust, economically and environmentally.

    • Jeff Arciola

      Way to go Bruce. Can’t deny facts. Let’s see what the cult comes back with. I love the 60 westporters that protested and then went back to there 10,000 square foot mansions and big SUVs. What a joke

      • Russell Gontar

        You can’t blame the consumer for the appearance of SUVs. We used drive station wagons which comfortably fit 6-8 passengers but then Detriot figured out they could increase their profits by building SUVs on their truck platforms and evade passenger vehicle safety, fuel and emission standards.

    • Russell Gontar

      Under W, we were losing 750,000 jobs A MONTH. But that was okay with the GOP cult.

  3. Nancy Hunter

    Despite the very stubborn, in 20 years no civilized country will burn coal for power. The transition away fro coal WILL occur.

  4. Russell GONTAR

    Hey Mike. Yesterday it was MMGW, today it’s DFTT. Why don’t you do the readers a favor and spell out your adorable phrases for those of who don’t spend our time in the alt right alternative reality.

    • Luciano Morelli

      Why? You aren’t going to listen to him anyway.

    • Bob Stalling

      Hi Russell,
      I noticed Nancy used “LNG” in an above comment…
      Just curious, what alternative reality do you think she is living in?

      • Russell Gontar

        Hi Bob,

        If you have a question for Nancy, I’m sure she’d be happy to give you an answer.

        • Bob Stalling

          The question was for you Russell. Did you miss the part where I said “Hi Russell”?

      • Nancy Hunter

        Great! Bob, you actually recognize LNG! Or do you?

        • Bob Stalling

          Hi Nancy….yes I do, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to pretend I’m Russell answering this question, using his own words of course..

          “Why don’t you do the readers a favor and spell out your adorable phrases for those of who don’t spend our time in the alt right alternative reality”

  5. Michael Calise

    Climate constantly evolving is a fact. There are many theory’s as to how it is effected. The Earth is not the only planet in the solar system that is experiencing warmer surface and atmospheric temperatures. It would seem to me that it is more important to get a better understanding of how we can positively deal with these changes rather then expend energy attacking those who see the issue differently. An open and inquisitive mind coupled with reasoned action will accomplish more than a vile tongue..

    • Russell Gontar

      I agree with everything you said. I could certainly live without the “troll” and “snowfake”, etc..slurs that one particular individual here likes to toss around.

      • Bob Stalling

        Russell, you left out phrases such as…”Brace yourself. The climate change deniers will be responding shortly”

        Always a good way to start a debate!

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